Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 19, 2007
Brady's First Swim
We took Brady swimming last night for the first time, we all had a blast! Brady had really started to splash and kick in the bathtub so I was curious as to what he would do in the pool! He didn't know what to think at first but after awhile his little legs started kicking! I think we're going to have a lot of fun with the pool, I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day, Bumbo chair, Room, and More...
Macho, just like Daddy!
Looking for ducks!
Proud Daddy, on his first Father's Day!
I just realized I hadn't posted any pics of Brady's room, so here it is, see if you can find Brady in is bumbo chair in every picture! (I know I'm a dork!)

Brady holding his bottle!

Kellye was the first one of my college roommates to see Brady, she beat Ann by four days, Ann is coming on Thursday!

June 12, 2007
I'm three months old!
I'm growing so fast, daddy got on the scale with me the other day and I weighed 14 lbs! I love to talk and smile at people, especially my daddy! i have also discovered putting things in my mouth, sometimes by accident I'm sure, but I have a teether I like and my toys on my play mat go straight to my mouth! I also love sitting in my bumbo chair!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 4-8, 2007
Brady's First Church Camp

Despite Ryan's wishes I went to camp for like the 17th year in a row but this year I had a special someone tag along with me! Both my mom and dad were there to help and of course my sister Mandi was there too but she too had her a special someone tag along, Mari! Ryan came up late Wed. night as well, he about died being away from Brady! Brady and I got our own room that was nice and roomy and my mom was right across the way ! He was such a good little boy, slept right through blarring music and the extremely loud cafeteria! This was our church's first year in about 3 yrs to be back at Latham Springs which is where Ryan and I grew up growing and where he actaully proposed to me, so it was very neat for us to be able to share this with Brady! Who would have thought 7 yrs later we would be back with our son, God is good, isn't he? My camp group was the hunters, so of course I had to get a onesie made for Brady!
This is one of the ways Brady and I got around!
First sink bath!
The exhausted lil hunter
Mommy and Brady sporting there Hunters shirts

Gosh, he's cute!
Sports night...Brady, Mandi, and Mari support the Rangers!
Brady and Mari. Mari had so much fun playing with Brady and Mimi!
The Boozers, right outside the tabernacle where Ryan proposed!

JUNE 2, 2007
One of my bestest friends Carol who I met in Arkansas while going to OBU made the five hour drive with her mom and 2 yr old daughter Ella to see Mr. Brady and I. I hadn't seen Carol and Ella probably since Ella was 4 months, so the visti was well overdue. We met up with Mandi and Mari and took the kids to Rainforest, after a brief moment of being scared out of their minds they began to enjoy the dancing animals! We had a blast, Ella is the sweestest and cutest little thing and she just loved Brady! Thanks to Carol's mom we even got a chance to do some shopping just us girls and of course Brady too!