Monday, April 21, 2008

April 19th
Crawfish Boil
The crawfish boil has turned into a yearly event now, some of Ryan's friends take turns hosting it, last year I guess we went for a minute, but Brady was just a little guy! It happened to be at Rick and Dawn's house in Weatherford this year, we had a lot of fun and the food was great!
Just look at this table of Crawfish
This is Rick holding Brady; Brady normally hates wearing his sunglasses but I believe he thought he was invisible with them on b/c he left them on forever and he was being very bashful when we got there!

Brady hanging out with Kelli, Rick and Dawn's daughter, still wearing the glasses

Ryan and Jordan (Rick and Dawn's son) diggin into the crawfish!

April 19th
Brady's First Shower-don't worry their clean (ha,ha)
We were in a hurry to get to our Crawfish Boil and Brady desperately needed a shower, so he joined Ryan in the shower for a quick soap up! Brady loved the water but didn't want to be put down! You have to be creative taking pictures to make sure and keep them clean, here's what we got!

April 14th

Liam Martin Bushwar is born...

My friends Susan and Jon who I've blogged about before had their little boy weighing in @ 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 1/2 inches! Brady can't wait for him to get big so they can play together! Martin his middle name was Susan's maiden name, which I think is really neat, unfortunately Katterich doesn't flow with much...Brady Katterich Boozer just doesn't work!

Baby Liam

Me holding Liam

The Happy Parents!

April 17th
Boot Scootin' Boogie
Brady has taken a liking to putting on and taking off shoes, this night was no different than other nights, he found a pair of his shoes on the floor and attempted to put them on, so I put them on for him and he started running circles around the living room, it was almost bed time, which is why he's in his little onesie, then I thought it would be cute to get him in his little boots and just a diaper, I know he'll probably kill me someday but their priceless moments! I realized while taking this pictures, I didn't have any still pictures of him walking, so this serve 2 purposes!
Brady laughing
Coming around the corner
Starting the circle, look at those chicken legs
What a cutie!

Trying to put his shoe on
Look @ me
I'm gonna get you moma

I'm off

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 13th
Brady's First (of many I'm sure) Walking Incidents
On our way to church Brady took a fall getting into the car and his little bitty face caught the concrete! At first we thought it was just his nose and then when we got into the car we realized his little eye was scratched too! My heart just hurt for him, but I know I should expect much more and probably much worse boo boos!

April 11th

Brady's visits his 2nd Ballpark

For those who don't know, Ryan wants to try to take Brady to all the different ballparks by the time he's 18 and we've now got 2 down! We took Brady to the Ranger game Friday night with Shane and April, this was Brady first time to the Ballpark in Arlington, but his 2nd time to see the Rangers play, the first was last May when we met up with Drew, Craig, Sammy& Shannon in Houston and went to the Astro game, which was also his first ballpark to visit.

It was a little chilly Friday night, luckily I had to of Brady's blankets with us! Brady was very good and pretty calm until I made the mistake of letting him try a little cotton candy, which by the way, he spit out immediately, but not 30 seconds later I guess the sugar hit him b/c he started acting crazy for 15 minutes straight. He had everyone laughing and then he just crashed!

Boozer Bunch @ the beginning of the game

My precious Brady with his little bat.

Last May, Brady's first ballpark, look how much his grown!

Still calm and just taking everything in...

Then the sugar rush begins

Brady loves his daddy

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Freeman Flock
One of my best friends just started a blog and when looking @ it for the first time, I realized I never posted pics or blogged their latest addition, Kennadie, who was born Dec. 11th! She looks just like Gracie but with black hair! I stole some pictures and am adding them now!

Big sister's Gracie & Averie holding Little Miss Kennadie

Kennadie now

This was us @ Gracie's party, which I blogged a couple of months back!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Easter Bunny Pic I promised, Doesn't he look Happy?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 7th
@ 1 yr 3 wks & five days just shy of 13 months
Up to this point Brady had taken 10 steps at the most, which happened on April 3rd and prior to that it was 7 steps! He was getting really good at standing for more than a couple of minutes and even squatting and standing up again, but really didn't want us ever letting go of his finger. Well, Monday 7th I was walking into to his room to pick him up from daycare and happened to peek in the window right outside his room and there he was walking, I saw him take probably 30 or more steps, he made a complete circle around the room and I just started screaming! God is so good, I would have been so upset had I not gotten to see that and only heard about from his teachers! That night and ever since, there's no stopping him! He is so big, but so little at the same time! We're so proud of our lil man!

April 5th
Jake's 3rd Birthday @ the Firestation
Brady's little friend Jacob celebrated his 3rd B-day this last Sat. It was @ one of the Firestations in Irving, it was a lot of fun, unfortunately, Brady was getting over a double ear infection that started Tuesday 2nd, which he just had one in the left ear a 1 1/2 weeks prior! And his molars were bothering him, so he wasn't the happiest camper, but I still managed to get a couple good pics!
All the kids got to sit in the engine and take their pictures
Brady and Mari in the engine
The firemen cooked hotdogs for all the kids, and Brady wanted to feed himself
All the kids got to spray the hose too, this his the b-day boy
Mari spraying the hose

Now Brady's turn!
Mandi and I went in together and bought clothes and a pair of baseball sunglasses for him, this is Jake showing his mommy the glasses
Brady eating cake

Phoebe Update
My neice Phoebe is a little over 2 months now and is finally over 9 lbs; she's starting to get a little personality and a precious smile as you can see! Her big sister Mari, just loves her!

March 30th
Old School/New School
My church used to put on an Old school (staff and teachers) vs New school (students) every year to help raise money for the youth department, Ryan and I have been fortunate to compete on both sides, but these year we were on the Old School team along with my dad, who has a mean hook shot especially for being 59! It's been several years since we've had the game but this year they decided to bring it back and we won beat the students 99 to 98, mom tired to get the score in the background, but the students changed the score, sore losers I guess, jk! Brady cheered for all of us in the stands with my mom, I even made him a shirt!

Monday, April 07, 2008

March 29th
Stroll for Epilepsy/Brady's First Zoo Trip
Ryan, Brady, and I joined my sister Mandi, brother-n-law Chris, and kiddos Mari and Phoebe in the Stroll for Epilepsy which happens to take place @ the Dallas Zoo. Chris started doing this walk for his mother several years ago in memory of his mother and usually we just donate but this year Ryan and I decided we wanted to participate!
It was a bit cold outside, but we had a fun time, Brady wasn't as interested in the animals as I was thought he might be, he had more fun laughing and playing with his cousin Mari!
The entire crew after the stroll, Phoebe won some blocks for being the youngest walker

Boozer Bunch @ the stroll, Brady was ready for his nap @ this point

Brady had the most fun standing in front of this fence around the flamingos, which when I was a little girl I referred to them as turkeys
Mari helped push Brady around