Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov. 12th
Brady's 8 months
Brady turned 8 months today, our little boy is growing up! He even moved into the next class @ daycare today, which was bitter sweet! Like I mentioned earlier Brady loves his fruit puffs, especially when his in his highchair. He loves to play all the time, whether it's crawling, sitting up like a big boy, jumping in his jumparoo, or walking around holding our hands, and his so strong, he thinks he can walk on his own, sometimes, he will do whatever we can to get loose from us! His little legs and feet continue to wiggle constantly which you will see in the one of the videos I'm posting. He talks and giggles all the time, his such a happy baby! He started to do what we think is a waving with his hands, so we continue to practice that with him. He loves to give sugars especially to his mommy, almost everyday I pick him up from daycare the first thing he does is give me sugars! He's just a ham, I guess he gets that from me! He continues to love the dogs, really anybody's dogs, he thinks it's hilarious when they lick him, especially on the face. He continues to love to be outside, grabbing grass and trying to eat it and just looking around. Enjoy the videos! Okay I can't get the other video uploaded I'll try again later!

Nov. 10th
Grandmommy's 80th Birthday Party
Sat. we celebrated Ryan's grandmother's 80th birthday. She just recently re-did her house and this was the first time I'd been to her house in 14 yrs of dating Ryan and the first time I believe that her entire family was gathered in her living room @ once, needless to say, it was a neat time for all of us. The family went through and looked at her photo albums and tried to help label and organize pictures!
Family looking @ old photos
Still looking
This is Grandmommy
Some of the cousins and aunts and uncleMore family
Cousin Braeleigh, Brady, and Grandpa
Braeleigh has just started walking and this was the first time Ryan and I had seen her on the move.
Brady and Braeleigh chillin

Brady wanted her bow

Nov. 7th
I'm a Big Boy!
Brady loves to sit in his highchair and eat his fruit puffs and drink from his sippy cup, he gets so excited b/c he thinks he is so big! Look @ him doesn't he just look big!

Sunday Nov. 4th
Our New Addition-Pixie
I bought a puppy a week ago @ Canton, I went with no intentions of buying a puppy but when I saw her I couldn't resist! I've wanted a lap dog, or a yippy dog if you ask Ryan, for a long time, and Ryan was completely against it, so I bought her without asking, oops! Ryan still not real kin on the idea, but his dealing, not sure how long she'll last in the Boozer household but Brady and I are enjoying for the time being! She's a Morkie, Yorkie/Maltese mix and she was only $100, $200 less than her brothers and sisters b/c people didn't think she was as pretty b/c she was a different color, but I fell in love. Ebony and Lucky are adjusting just like Ryan!

Nov. 10th
Brady's Beenie
I bought Brady a beenie & gloves for the cold Texas winter days ahead and just wanted to try it on for size and started cheesin' so we took his picture!

Nov. 1
Pics of School Fall Festival
Brady hanging out on our booth; we all decided we could of just charged people to kiss him or touch him that is if it weren't for germs!
Still hanging out
Waving Hello
Our Booth-The Elective Booth
Brady and Laquita; Laquita is one of my athletic girls that I just love her and Brady does too. Her and another player (Aryiel) of mine who watch him on nights I work the 7th grade games.
Hillary (Crockett Football Player), Brady, Marla Rhodes (Black eyed Pea), and Carolyn, all teachers/coaches I work with
This is another one of my players Shenicia pretending to stab me!

Our new prinicple & Hillary

Oct. 18th
Pics First Fruit Puffs

Same night. @ Mimi's dancing with Mari