Monday, December 03, 2007

Dec. 2nd

Adolphus Parade: Brady's First Parade

Brady & I got to go to the Adolphus Parade this last Sat. Ryan's work, Rainbow gets tickets every year & Brady & I were able to go. We not only got to go to the Parade but will got to go to Breakfast with Santa, where there was a sit down breakfast, Nieman Marcus gift bag for all the kids, face painting, balloon making, a magic show & of course we got to get our pictures taken with Santa & b/c we were with Rainbow we got to cut in line!! After breakfast we went down to the street & found our seats for the parade, we got front row seats, in reaching distance of the parade, it was amazing! Brady just was looking around & trying to figure out everything! We had a lot of fun!

Brady sitting @ Breakfast
The clown doing the magic show
A fun candy house
Parade Pictures

Look how close the parade is behind him, this is not zoomed either.

This is what Brady did most of the time; chewed on the camera cord, teething is no fun!

Right before the last float Santa arrived, Brady pasted out!

Thanksgiving 2007
Brady's First Thanksgivng

Nov. 21st Thanksgiving with the Boozers: We celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan's family Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Despite Brady & Braeleigh taking turns fussing we had a great time; by the end of the night the kids cheered up and played. Uncle Billy & Brady Brady giving Uncle Billy kisses
Braeleigh & Brady hangin' with Grandpa
Braeleigh kept mothering Brady and giving him his pacifier, she then would take it out & put it back in, it was the funniest thing.

Brady & Aunt Stephanie Playing
Braeleigh & Ryan reading a book
The kiddos walking with Grandpa

Thanksgiving Day: Ryan, Brady, & I headed to Paris, TX with Grandpa & Nana to spend Thanksgiving with Mother & Mick (Brady's Great Grandparents)

Sunday 25th Thanksgiving with the Katterichs: We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Turkey Trot 2007
Brady's First Turkey Trot

Techincally it was Brady's 2nd trot b/c last year I did it while I was pregnant. For those that have been with me since last year you will remember that last year I decided to start making this a family tradition. My kiddos & I will do it every year until they are old enough to go hunting with Ryan Thanksgiving morning; this year mom joined us again. I heard there were like 30,000 people participating, mom & I didn't even pass the start line until 20 minutes after 9:00. It was a bit chilly, but Brady didn't feel a thing, we had him so buddled, he looked like a camo Michelin Man.

This was us this year & a picture of us last year, I guess I was like 5 1/2 months or so.

Nov. 20, 2007

Brady's First Time to Swing

Brady and I went up to Rainbow to visit Ryan our week off for Thanksgiving break. Side note, Brady & I had so much fun spending the week together, despite him getting sick, getting Ryan & I sick & him being a little cranky do to a new tooth coming in! I can't wait til summer! We decided to see what lil man would do on a swing; he loved it, just smiled & giggled the entire time, thanks Judy for the pics! Hope you enjoy the pictures & video(Having trouble uploading the video again, will upload later!)! I can't wait to take a playsystem home and be able to just walk and outside and listen to that precious giggle of his! For those that don't know Ryan's boss Carl is a huge hunter; he takes several trips to Africa to hunt, his latest animal, an elephant. You walk into his office & it's like a zoo of wild animals. We took Brady in there for the first time & he just looked & looked everything & took his picture in fron of Carl's latest!

This is Fun, Wee!

More Wee!
Sliding on our first slideMommy & Brady slide together!

Daddy & Brady in Carl's office.