Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 22-25th
Lake Tachoma
Last year we got together with the Abilene crew and went to South Padre, this year we decided to head to the lake, so we all met up Tuesday evening and stayed until Friday afternoon. We stayed out Tanglewood villas in Pottsboro,TX, it was really nice! Tuesday after getting settled in the girls and kids headed to the pool while the boys made tacos. Wednesday, the boys got up and went to play golf, while us girls and kids hung out in the room and then to the pool for awhile, after the boys got back we headed to the lake. Brady went tubing for the first time ever, I thought I was going to pee my pants I was so nervous, but he loved it! He also rode on the banana! Thursday we had Colby's pancakes for breakfast and then we headed to the lake, and had fun on the tub again, and beached the boat and played until the rain came. After naps we headed to the playground and then had pizza for dinner! Friday we packed up and headed home! We had a great time!
Tuesday evening @ the Pool
Brady, Jackson, Sloan, Gracie, and Kennadie

Brady, Jackson, Sloan, Gracie, and Kennadie

Jackson in the kiddie pool
Wednesday on the Lake

My boys on the boat

My sweet boy

Not sure about the lake yet
Brady trying to figure out if he likes the lake

Brady with his daddy

Brady and Ryan

Sloan and Jackson

Sammy and Averie

Ryan and Colby

Courtney and Kennadie

Sloan, Jackson, and BC

Brady and Gracie

Gracie, Brady, and Averie fixing to take off
Here we go
Lovin it

Brady tubing

Averie's done
Gracie, Kennadie, and Averie fixing to take off

Gracie, Kennadie, and Averie

The girls tubing

Jackon feel asleep like this

Jackson sleeping
The kids watching Sammy

Sammy doing tricks

Sammy and BC tubing

BC trying to hang on

BC tubing

Ryan tubing

Ryan tubing

Brady chillin on the boat

Jackson on the boat

Ryan, Brady, Gracie, Kennadie, and Averie

Averie, Kennadie, Gracie, Brady, and Ryan
Thursday on the Lake

Brady throwing sand

Brady throwing more sand

BC, Sloan, and Jackson

Jackson on the beach

Jumping to Daddy

My sweet family

Cheesin on the boat

Fixing to take off

Averie, Shannon, Averie, BC, and Brady

Brady cheesin on the banana

More Banana
Thursday on the Playground

Brady playing

Jackson and BC

Gracie, Kennadie, and Averie swinging

Jackson swinging

Brady swinging

Gracie, Kennadie, and Brady swinging

Sammy and Shannon