Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan. 22nd
Brady's First Bubble Bath
I now it's kinda crazy to think Brady's 2 and never had a bubble bath, but he's never really liked soap getting in his eyes, so we've just never done it until now! I think he was in the bath for 30 minutes or more throwing bubbles and then shaking them off!


Jan. 19th
Look, Mom...I'm a Big Boy Now

Well, since were thinking potty training I decided to buy some pullups! I decided while were @ home we can wear these and practice pottying like a big boy! Brady was running around acting crazy, saying cars, b/c they have cars on them! Oh, he's growing up too fast!!!

Look Mom, I'm a big boy!

My skinny little boy

Trying to see the cars


Jan. 19th
Avery's First Day of Daycare

My friens Tarenthia's little girl Avery started daycare today for the first time ever! Brady and I waited for them to arrive to help ease both their nerves. Brady was so sweet to Avery, he grabbed he hand and showed her where the classroom was and everything, and greeted her with a hug of course! Pictures to coming soon...


Jan 17th
Potty Practice
I got the potty out today, just to start introducing it. Brady has gotten real good at telling us after he goes poo poo so I thought, potty training will probably be right around the corner. I'm sure he'll kill me someday for posting some of this pictures, but he's so darn cute! He's talking on his Barney phone while he sits! The potty talks when you flush and when you get up, he loves it!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan. 14th
Helping out in the Kitchen
Last night I was attempting to cook dinner but Brady was being a little needy so I decided to have me help! I was having him help me beat the steak for chicken fried steak, b/c they didn't have any that were already tenderized at the store. When we got done, I turned my back from for a few seconds to work on the mashed potatoes, well I didn't realize I left the leftover flour sitting out, so guess what happen, Brady and Barney decided to pretend cook with the flour, a spoon, and a spice bottle! I looked over at him and said Brady and he just cheesed real big!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan. 12th
Brady is 22 months
Brady turned 22 months today, which means in 58 days Brady will be 2, INSANE! Brady got moved up to the big building at school, he was supposed to get moved up @ 21 months which actually landed on a Friday, so the 15th was supposed to be his first day to be transitioned but he was sick that entire week except for Friday, so Tuesday the 30th was his first day to be transitioned he was there in the morning for a couple of hours, I picked him up right before nap time, Wednesday he was there and I decided to let him stay through nap time and so that I could get some last minute errands ran, so Monday the 5th, was his first day all day! Things are a little different in his big boy class, there's no more blue sheets which as a daily individual schedule, that had their diaper changes, what they ate, and nap time listed. They also teach them to drink from a cup which Brady was getting good prior to this, so sippy cups are not allowed. I drop him off in the class desk door and the kids are sitting down @ the table eating provided breakfast, from cereal, pancakes, eggs, etc, you can see the pictures below. They also start having activities, like Stretch and Go! He seems to be enjoying it and his new teacher Ms Beth, he continues to love his little friend Audra and since his moved over he gets to see Mari and Braeleigh in the morning as well!
He continues to amaze me with his knowledge, he is started to sing along with his Barney cd and really knows the words, he sings the ABC's with Barney and is able to pick up every other letter or so, and just today he say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me for Mimi and he was really singing, it's crazy! Although sometimes he can be a little toot, he really is a sweet boy, he says thank you all the time, we don't even have to remind him, and there's nothing sweeter than hearing him say LOVE You!

Brady in his new class, I couldn't get him smile, until I told him to say Audra
Brady sitting @ his table eating breakfast like a big boy!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan. 11th
Kara's Baby Shower
We had a baby shower for Kara yesterday @ my house, my mom, my sister Mandi, Kristi Theftford, Shay Shull, and Sue Burkett were the hostesses. We had a great turn out, I've never seen so much pink in my house!

Kara and Me

My First attempy @ a Diaper Cake, pretty cute, huh?

Texas Star Bakery did the cake, it looked just like the invitation!

The table before, Shay had the pink sign made for Kara, it was a hit!

The Hostesses: Kristi, Mandi, Me, Kara, Shay, and my mom, Sue was sick
A blanket Sharon Garrett made for her

Kara's mom got Shay and Kara matching outfit for their girls!

This is Shay's little girl, Kenningston, her and Landry will be I guess 5 months apart!

Kara opening the carseat we got her!


Friday, January 09, 2009

Dec. 23rd
Oops, I forgot to post these...Christmas Lights
Somehow I convinced Ryan to go take Brady to Highland Park to look @ Christmas lights, this was Brady's first time! We invited Stephanie, Billy, and Braeleigh to go with us. Brady wasn't sure what to think, Braeleigh loved the horse carriages taking people around! At one point we thought Brady was asleep, like 10 minutes went by and he comes Brady behind his blanket giggling, he was playing possum, who does that for that long, silly kid?

I couldn't post these sooner b/c I didn't want Nanny to see her Christmas present before Christmas! Steph and I took the kiddos to Arts Afire to have their feet print made into snowmen for a Christmas platter for Nanny! The kiddos were alittle wild but the final product turned out great despite me almost ruining it the plate, I left the t out of Christmas, the lady had to sand the plate down just to get the stained black paint off, stupid me!

Steph was entertaining the kids, having them paint oraments while I finshed painting the letters on the plate!

So he is left handed or what

The Final Product-Christmas Morning


Jan. 4th
Christmas with the Smiths/Pregnancy Pics
Because of our conflicting schedules we weren't able to do Christmas with Tim and Kara until today! Brady got an Elmo book, which as you can tell he was extremely happy about, Tim and Kara got us some 2 giftcards for Chili's and any Papa's restaurant, and we got them a pregnant couple ornament, Kara a Rachel Ray family cookbook, and for Tim's b-day/Christmas a a giftcard to Buca and a silly little desk golf game and a little blanket for Landry!
After opening Kara, Tim, Angel, and I headed to a near by park to take some preganancy pics of Kara! They turned out great, if I can say so myself!

Brady opening his Elmo book

Kara opening Landry's blanket

The boys checking out Tim's golf toy!

Pregnancy Pics
I've decided that pregnancy pictures may be my favorite pictures to take!