Friday, May 29, 2009

8 things to look forward to:
1. Summer
2. Going home & seeing Brady
3. Seeing Brady grow up, but not too fast!
4. Celebrating 8 yrs of marriage in July
5. Brady's first camping trip in July
6. Being a mommy again, hopefully soon!
7. Joining our Church
8. My new Job
1. Worked & had a party for a teacher friend who is moving & got my french fries stolen
2. Told the last of the girls I was leaving
3. Took Brady to Tom Thumb to get groceries, he loves riding in the buggies that have cars and they now play kids programs, mommy does too
4. Cleaned out the much needed fridge 5. Cooked dinner6. Gave Brady a bath
7. Ate dinner & watched TV
8. Went to bed
8 things I wish I could do:
2. Stay home
3. Open up my own store
4. Be skinny but eat whatever I want, & bulimia is not an option
5. Be a better housekeeper
6. Better yet…snap & the house be clean
7. Wear a bra without padding, lol
8. Pick Brady’s wife
8 shows I watch:
1. Hell’s Kitchen
2. Grey's Anatomy(I used to but only saw the first episode, next season!)
3. Gossip Girl
4. Tori and Dean
5. Big Brother
6. Criminal Minds
7. All the Housewives
8. Intervention
People to tag:
1. Hillary
2. Tarenthia
3. Stephanie Heady
4. Stephanie Mitchell
5. Kellye
6. Kim

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May 30th
Ranger Game
Ours friends Steve (Ryan's former co-worker @ Rainbow) & his wife Gwen invited us to the Ranger game, this was Brady's first game this season! He had a great time, he loves the Rangers, he ate a hot dog, chicken, french fries, & of course ice cream! The Rangers ended up beating Oakland 14-1! Go Rangers!

Boozer Bunch @ the Ranger Game

Ryan, Brady, Gwen, & Steve

Brady was being a hoot!
Me & Brady
Brady being silly
Brady with the baseball field in the back
Brady sportin a serious face, Ryan, & Steve
Brady cheesin, notice how wild & straight his hair looks
Gwen & Brady
My precious boy cheesin

My Boys

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May 29th
UP-Brady's First Movie
This evening we took Brady to his first movie UP! It was a very cute, yet surprisely tear jerker movie! Brady watched carefully the entire time, commented about the puppy, and was very concerned about the little boy when he got hurt! He got kind of sleepy at one point but hung on and lasted the entire movie! We snacked on Nachos & popcorn, & Mimi & Popi joined us, we really had a good time! By our surprise some of our friends were there too so we headed up sitting next to our friends Jessica & Jacob!

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May 29th
Mowing with Daddy
Sat mornings seemed to look a lot like this, Brady outside with Ryan, mowing/working in the yard, playing ball, swimming, etc. whatever, Ryan is doing Brady is doing!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20th
Dr. Boozer to the ER
Brady is still going strong with his love for his laytex gloves! Maybe he is going to be a doctor! This was on the way home from school, this time, 2 gloves at once!

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May 18th
Like Father like Son
After Mari's game we rushed home so we could see Ryan! Brady has always loved Ryan but more so these days! He models his every move, and wants to be just like him! He can be as simple as eating the same thing, or sitting like daddy (as seen below), or wearing a belt like daddy, a hat, mowing, standing, you name it, he wants to be just like him! He even says, "I like daddy" anytime their doing the same thing! It brings a smile to my face every time and Ryan of course eats it up!

If we strive to be like our Heavenly Father like Brady and our little ones strive to be like their daddy, could you imagine what better people we would be and the smile it would put on His face! He really puts things in perspective b/c we are called to be imitators of Him! And it really makes you stop and think what you say and how you act b/c your little one is watching!

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May 18th
Mari's First Blast Ball Game
Mari signed up for blast ball this year! Basically its tball but you only take 1 base! Brady didn't really understand why he couldn't play or or see Mari in the dugout, he kept asking for Mari & his bat! Mari seems like a natural, I know her daddy will be glad, he's a huge baseball fan!
Mari in the dugout when we arrived!
Mari's first at bat
Running to first after her first hit

Check her out in mid air!

Throwing the ball

Brady watching with his glove on of course

Chessin for Mommy
Mari giving Brady advice about something, I guess

Brady giving Mari a high five
Her second at bat

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May 16th
Play Ball/Hotdog Mummies

Brady loves ball and he loves getting geared up like you seen before, today we added the belt, hilarious!!!
Mandi & Chris had plans Sat. night and needed us to watch Mari & Phoebe, and of course Brady was estatic! I decided to do something fun for dinner and let the kids help me, so we made hotdog mummies, basically pigs in the blanket! They had fun and and even more fun, eating them! After putting Phoebe down, the kids played a little bit and then we decided to watch Bolt!

They were tickling Phoebe and making her laugh

Phoebe laughing with ketchup all over her!

Sitting together watching Bolt!

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