Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 12th
My Big Boy turns 3!
My lil man turned 3 today, I know I say it all the time, but I really can't believe how fast time goes by! Brady is such a sweet spirited lil guy, he has a huge sensitive heart, don't get me wrong the boy can throw some fits, but he overall is very good and of course a blessing from above!
He loves to sing and dance, its amazing how many different songs he knows, from Bareny to Bible songs, to family songs, including his fav, A Bushel and a Peck, to even hip hop, sad to admit it, but he's new song is I gotta a feeling from the Black Eyed Peas, its hilarious! He still loves Bareny, sleeps with evey night along with his "Glampie" aka blankie, and usually another toy. He is still sleeping with Lucky every night, its been the best sleep aide ever! He is really into Yo Gabba Gabba still, Plex is still his fav, in the last couple of months he's become a Toy Story freak, he used to call it Bedtime Stories, I couldn't forever figure out what he was talking about. Buzz and "Boody" aka Woody are of course is favs! He loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, Imagination Movers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Barney, etc. He is still a great eater! He will pretty much eat anything, his favorite snack is still Cheez It Party Mix, but he's like he's mommy and will throw down some chips all day if you'd let him, BBQ are he's fav! He still loves tomatoes, bananas are his fav fruit and mandarine oranges, he also still loves some salad with ranch dressing too! He still loves his cow milk, the milk I discovered at Starbucks, that I've found in the stores, its not cheap, so he only gets it on special occasions. He has the sweetest prayers and it just melts my heart to hear him talk or sing about Jesus! He loves his mommy but his daddy is his number one guy! He loves to play fight with daddy and do anything sports related or outdoors! He still is plays so well by himself, which makes my life easier and he really plays well with others! He's really working hard on being polite and most of the time is an angel in public! HE IS POTTY TRAINED, YIPPEE! Besides, night times, we are diaper free, what a blessing that has been, he has even got to the point he can go by himself! I take him to the doctor on Mon for his 3 yr check up and will post that asap. He contiues to learn new words each day, its amazing to me how well he can communicate, he's a adult trapped in a lil boys body I think!
For his bday, Ryan and I decided to do something practical, so he's getting a new big boy room, we're moving him into the old guest room and he is getting a new bed and some really fun sports decor, not your normal stuff, can't wait to finish it so I can post pics!
This morning Iwoke him up with donuts and candles, after singing to him, he informed me that candles are for cakes! B/c of baby # 2 on the way and Brady taking all of my days, I had to work, but Brady loves school so much I didn't feel awful about sending him, not great either though! I brought up a cheap cookie cake for him and his friend Audra who are only 2 days apart. Then for dinner we headed to Chuck E Cheese, for some bday fun! Mimi, Popi, Mandi, Chris, Phoebe, Mari, Stephanie, Braeleigh, Nani, Booga, Jason, Cynthia, Jordan, Missy, Luke, and Haylie joined us! After getting home, Brady was wired, check out is song and dance below, lol! We're doing his party next week at our Church's fabulous Jungle, can't wait!

Bday Breakfast

Donut Lips

Opening some Buzz pjs

His cheap cookie cake from Walmart, I bought it so early in the morning, so I can to write it myself

Singing Happy Birthday at school

Trying to get him to smile

His forced smile

Brady, Brae, and Audra

BDay Buds

Opening up a gift from Mimi
His Buzz, he has been asking for


Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing the candles out

Making a wish


My Birthday Boy

I don't think I've ever seen my dad cheese this big, I know now where I get it

Hoping Popi will save him form Chuck E Cheese

Jason, Ryan, and Luke playing football

This phone is probably Brady next favorite game



Braeleigh cheesin
Brady and Brae riding a ride

He still loves this silly Barney

Chillin with Barney

Giving Barney hugs

Cheesin with Barney, notice the card in his hands

Mimi and Mari playing

Opening a few presents

His noisy shirt from Steph

Steph got him a shirt that said Noisy and I asked him if he was noisy and he said no, this is me saying, maybe just a little bit?

Brae and Brady

Pheobe being silly

Jordan, Jason, Ryan, and Brady playing ski ball

His new Buzz pjs and Buzz

Brady's crazy dance

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 3rd
20 wks Lil Diva
So, to tell my family what we were having we had a shirt made again, this year it just happened to be a different color! We made reservations at On the Border, and my parents, Ryan's parents, Stephanie, Billy, and Braeleigh, Mandi, Chris, Pheobe, and Mari met us up there. When they walked in we were still waiting for our table, so I greeted everyone at the door with my pink shirt and Brady's My Sister Rocks! We didn't snap any pics so today when I dropped Brady off at my parents my mom took some. I asked Brady to pose for some pictures and after taking the first one, for the next one he lifted his shirt, to show his belly, so I jump in the pic and showed mine off too!

Brady sportin his My Sister Rocks shirt

20 wk belly vs 2o wk with Brady

Tummy shot

Charley Rickelle vsvBrady Ryan

March 2nd
It's A GIRL!
Well after what seemed like eternity, we finally had our 20wk appt. and got to find out what the baby is!While waiting almost an hour in the waiting room, we finally got called back for the sonogram, and the minute the tech put the thing on my belly he said, "I know what it is, but I'm going to make you wait!" He went on to show us, every possible organ of the baby, it was so neat, to see that on a big screen tv. He even, mearued the neck and ruled out down syndrome, looked at the mouth and said no claf palate, looked at the kidenys, the brain, etc. Then he finally said, "What did your son say he wanted?" I answered, "A baby brother." and He said, "Well he's going to be really happy....(he took a huge long pause) and then said, " b/c he's going to have a baby sister!" My jaw dropped, I was convinced it was another boy but I was wrong, we are going to be have a lot more pink around the house, Charley Rickelle Boozer will be joining our family and we couldn't be happier! I will admit, I'm still in complete shock and feel a little panicked, but I know the girl stuff will just come naturally!
For those who don't know we've had this name picked out for years, probably 5 to be honest. Ryan and I were out our old house and it was around the time that the song Me and Charlie talking came out by Miranda Lambert. Ryan and I both loved the song, b.c we could relate to the young love. Ryan just one day when it came on said, wouldn't that be a cute girl name and I was like uh yeah, especially since at that time I thought all my kids would have CRB intials. Not sure how but it didn't dawn on Ryan, that was he's dad's name too, which I thought was really neat, so I wanted to incorporate my dad's name too, which happens to be Rick which is a R. I saw a street sign one day called Rickel and called my Mandi, b/c I'm not so good with spelling and asked her, how I could use that name without people saying Rickel and she said add a l and e at the end and that's how Rickelle came about!
My prayer for Charley Rickelle is that she would grow up to be a women of God and would have a the same sweet pure heart that Brady has and that someday we'll be one of my very best friends, just like my mom, sisters, and I!
I already love you, Miss Charley, Bunches, Pieces, and Gobs!

Definitely a girl