Tuesday, July 31, 2007

20 wk Update
Brady was 20 wks yesterday and so much is happening. Besides eating cereal and now adding applesauce to our menu and don't forget rolling over, he is just growing up so fast! This last week he has really started to notice our faces, he wants to touch it and or bite it if your Ryan's nose! On the 18th I decided that I really needed to start working on Brady putting himself to sleep for naps during the day in his bed and what do you know the first day he played for about 15 minutes in his crib and then fell asleep for about 2 hrs. This was also the day we started eating cereal two times a day too so it was a big day! Since then he continues to play in his crib and take naps really well and Friday 27th I found him playing in the crib after a nap on his side trying to roll over from his back. At night we still have been swaddling him and using the sleep positioner but after about a wk or so of finding him in the corner of the bed wiggling right out of the positioner and then Sunday night the 29th finding him in the corner on his side I started getting worried that he was going to roll over and get stuck in his swaddler so last night 30th was Brady first night to sleep without them both and he still slept like a champ! I just know any day he will be rolling over from his back so until the I just stand by with my camera!

July 31st...
Yummy Yummy Applesauce!
Brady's doctor told us that by 6 months we should already be on 2nd foods which meant we needed to start experimenting with other 1st foods besides cereal. We'll due to the fact that most people I talked to hadn't even started cereal until 6 months I was a little apprehensive, but Brady was doing so well on cereal I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, doctor's do usually know what their talking about! So today with lunch Brady had a little applesauce as well, first face was a funny one but nothing like the first cereal face! He seemed to really like it, so we'll give it a couple of days and try something else.
He's really starting to hold his bottle too, not for more than a couple of seconds thought and today he had some help from his feet!

July 19, 2007...
Brady Rolls Over
Brady was never a fan of being on his tummy so I hadn't put him on his tummy in days but worried that he would never build up the muscles to roll over and crawl I decided I needed to continue tummy time just for a little bit each day! The minute I put him down on this Thursday morning he rolled over immediately, I didn't think anything of it, I just assumed I propped him to do it, so I put him back on his tummy and he did it again, so I quickly grabbed the video camera (after of course I started screaming and made a huge fuse about it, almost scaring Brady) and not two seconds later he did it again. I called Ryan and family right away , I honestly don't know that anyone believed but I had video for proof and then he did it for Ryan when he got home that night.
These pictures were actually taken on Sat. the 21st @ the lake which was the next time for him to do it, this time though he went to the other way. I haven't actually caught him on his side yet (b/c his gotten so quick now) to get the full step by step still picture shot but were working on it! Ready

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay, mommy, this isn't so bad...
I like cereal!

Today Brady actually liked his cereal, today was day 7 of the cereal attempts, and I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong, when low and behold he just switched gears and decided he liked it! Yeah Brady! He kept giggling almost as it excited him to be a big boy eating cereal!

Chip off the old Block
Brady sporting daddy's favorite number! He just looks like a lil man doesn't he, in his t-shirt, cargo shorts and his blue converse! Whoever said you couldn't have fun dressing up boys was silly, I have more fun finding lil man clothes or lil daddy clothes than I ever thought possible. Oh, I just can't stand him, he's just so darn cute!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

El Paso Trip
July 13-15
We drove to El Paso with my mom and dad this last weekend to visit my Aunt Harriet (my mom's sister). She hadn't met Brady yet and her boyfriend Hargrave of 30 yrs or more wanted to meet Ryan and share his gun collection with him. It was about a 10 hr drive or so with stopping of course. Brady was a very good boy considering he was stuck in his car seat for the two days we drove there and back, he had a couple of moments but it was to be expected! We had a great time visiting with Harriet and stuffing our faces with guavas rancheros and her famous ribs and Ryan had a good time exchanging hunting stories with Hargrave and seeing all his guns! And Brady had a good time watching their dogs Miles and Robbie! We made a detour in Abilene to eat at one of Ryan's favorite restaurants and to finish our old stomping ground and while we were there I decided to call Kim, one of my best friends from college who wasn't a roommate but might has well been. She met us at Joe Allen's with her sons Jake and Jack (on the way)! This was the first time for her to see Brady and my first time to see Jake in months, we had a great dinner and visit! Hopefully she coming down soon to visit some more!

Four Months
July 12th

We chose red white and blue this blue of course because of the 4th. This is the best his done, it was so hard to choose which pictures to get b/c he's absolutely precios in each of them, especially with the cowboy boots and sadle! I can hardly believe that my lil monster is 4 months! Today is actually the 16th and tomorrow exactly year ago is when Ryan and I found out we were pregnant! FLASH BACK : I woke up that morning like I had for a couple of weeks anxious to see if I was pregnant, for those of you who don't know I had four negative tests before I finally had a positive, and for some reason I just was determined to continue to wake up and take pregnancy tests! After waking up and getting ready to go sub that day at summer school I decided to take a test and it was positive!!!! Ryan had already left for the day, I was anxious to find a fun way to tell him! So, I ran to Old Navy after work and bought a tank top and and to Walmart to get an iron on patch and made a shirt that said BUN IN THE OVEN! When he got home I met him outside in my shirt @ first the knucklehead didn't even notice my shirt (typically guy) but then after I said do you like my shirt, he was like "bun in the oven what does that mean?" So of course after explaining it to him he was extastic! PRESENT: somedays that just seems like yesterday! There are days were it still feels very unreal to have a baby! When you finally get something you've waited for so so long it's hard to believe it's real! The love I have for Brady is indescrible as those who are parents can relate! I sit here in complete thankfulness that I am so blessed to have a precious son! I know I say it alot but God is Good and is timing is perfect! Ryan and I are better people and parents because of the trials that we faced getting pregnant and just overall our relationship is better today because of that than ever before! Despite him being a complete knucklehead, I am continuing to fall in love with Ryan more and more each day, especailly when I look at our son! Brady is a beautiful testimony of what God can do for those who wait on HIM! Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this:

7 Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.
Wait for the LORD and keep his way. He will exalt you to inherit the land; Okay sorry for the babbling now for the good stuff! Brady went to the doctor today for his four month check up, he weighs 14.3 lbs and is 24 3/4 inches and the doctor said we are ready for cereal. Later that night we introduced cereal and boy did we get some good pictures and video of some awful faces; he's not quite a fan yet! After a couple of days he is getting better but still doesn't like it much! Let's see what's new, Brady is talking and smiling more than ever, like he really has something to say and smile about! He is a very good sleeper and really just overall is a very happy baby! He continues to love his bumbo chair but I think of because of it he never what's to sit back or lay all the way down, so when he's lying down Ryan jokes that he's working on his abs, lol! He is noticing a lot more, he can pick out Ryan and I across the room and start smiling, he sees his bottle and will pull it to his mouth, he loves chewing on his hands consistently (teeth are coming soon I think) he's favorite trick is to take his "happy" as we call it aka paci and try to stick it back in and his favorite toy would be his his cow aka MooMoo and we can't go anywhere without his blue blanket.That's it for now...

Avery Camile Clemons
One of my best friends Tarenthia and her husband Bradley had a little girl on May 8, just two months shy of Brady. Tarenthia and I first met at Crockett teaching and coaching together and soon became very good friends. Two years ago she left Crockett to go to Irving High, where I joined her the following year. So this past year we were able to work together again and share our pregnancy together; it was Great to have her there this last year, for those who know it was a trying year and thanks to Tarenthia I survived!
Well Avery is now 2 months and her and Brady had another play date on the 11th of July. Compared to her 5 lb 14 oz birth weight she is a a big girl! Tarenthia and I have so much fun togehter, I can't wait for the kids to get big and realize how crazy their mothers are!

Brady meets Ann
June 21st
Another one of my college roommates came in for a day to meet Brady! As you can tell I'm a little behind on posting this but better late than never! Ann leaves in San Antonio with her husband Mark and was making a trip around Texas to see family and friends this summer and luckily we were on her stop!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Braeleigh Update
Stephanie, Billy, and Braeleigh weren't able to come to our 4th Celebration but Steph and Braeleigh came over the night before to hang out with us! I didn't get any pics from that night but here are some of Braleigh's latest pics from Kiddie Kandids! She is growing like a weed, almost ten months old, before you know it her and Brady are going to be running around getting into lots of trouble I'm sure!
It's going to be so fun having cousins so close in age, between Braeleigh and Mari Brady is going to be well entertained and so are we! Our families are so blessed! I can't wait to see what the final count will be on each side Boozers 2 plus? Katterichs 5 plus?