Friday, November 27, 2009

Nov. 25th
Turkey Trot
Well, we can't all seem to be there all together, but this is Brady and mine 4th Turkey Trot, the first one he was in my belly! This year, my mom, sister Tanya and Brady and I participated! This as turned into a fun family tradition and a great way to excuse yourself for eating whatever you want later that day, lol!

Me, Brady, Mom, and Tanya

Brady, Mimi, and Tanya

Tanya and I. Tanya ran the 8 mile while mom, Brady, and I walked

Brady and I after our 4th Turkey Trot (first one in my belly)

Me, Brady, and Mom

Mimi pushing Brady

All buddled

Brady got down and walked a little

Nov. 24th
Thanksgiving with My Family
We had thanksgiving dinner with my family this evening, and us girls had a lot of fun helping in the kitchen, especially my crazy sisters! I am so thankful for such a precious family and three best friends, my mom, and my sisters! Mimi bought the kids a scooter thing, and they had the best time on it!
Mom just shaking her head and Tanya and Mandi

Mom, Mandi, and Tanya

Mari and Brady

Pheobe and Brady making music

Phoebe and Brady cheesin
Brady and Chase's turn on the scooter

Me and my lil man

The boys watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, a family tradition

Nov. 22nd
The Jungle
Our church as an amazing play area for the kids called the Jungle, and today our Sunday school class ate pizza in there and let the kids play! It was Brady's first time to get to play in the area and Braeleigh was with us today too!

The Jungle gym

On both sides there are TV's were the kids can play video games

Brady and Brae playin


Brae climbing down

Brady cheesin
Brady being silly

Nov. 15th
So Thankful
Twice a month we meet with our hometeam, the first of the month with kids and the third without. Tonight was with kids and we did a Thankful verse and activity. We taught the kids, "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good." Psalm 106:1 and the kids got to draw on placemats things they were thankful for!

Brady and I

Corban smiling at her momma

Corban smiling for me

Michelle and Jackson and Kristen and Dagan

Stephen and Reghan and Darren and Vance

Josh and Ryan chillin


Ryan and Brady

Nov. 13th
Dinner @ Nanny and Booga's
Nanny asked us over for dinner today, Brady and I actually stayed home today, b/c he threw up as we were entering the daycare this morning, turns out he just got choked on drainage, yum! Anyway, I was attempting to get some pics of Nanny and Booga and the grandkids for a Christmas present, but as you can see trying to get to kids to smile at the same time is not an easy task!

I cut Brae out of this one, because it was so cute of the three of them!

This is my fav, I laugh everytime I look at it!

This one was the best!

Booga with the grandkids

The Boozer Boys

Nov. 12th
Brady's First Sports Camp
There are lots of privileges to being the director's grandson, including getting to go to sports camp for free. Once a week, someone comes and shows the kids how to play certain sports, today was Brady's first day of soccer, and I happened to be there to catch it on camera, (still waiting on the pics from his teacher). The one sport I have said from the get go I could do without was soccer, and guess what Brady loves it and is pretty darn good! It was so fun to watch him today, listening, interacting with other kids and the coach, I just got really excited!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov. 10
Gobble Gobble Yo
So I made the mistake of joking with our choir teacher that I would love to be a turkey for the 2nd and 3rd grade Thanksgiving concert, and the next thing I know I had a costume! I played around with it before the concert at Brady's daycare and at my mom and dad's house, here's a couple of pics! FYI, I was a hip hop turkey, the song said Gobble Gobble Yo so I had to make me a nice clock to fit the part!
Brady poses with the turkey head
He didn't know what to think at first, but he eventually was ok with his mommy being a turkey
Another pic of Brady and I
My mom tried it out too
at the Performance

Monday, November 09, 2009

Nov. 8th
Dr. Brady
I went in for a check up on the 2nd and Brady just kept staring at the nurse who was taking my blood b/c she had gloves on. I told her he was fascinated with gloves, and then I said maybe he's going to be a doctor someday. So as were leaving she gives him a glove and in the car he says, "Mommy, not now but when I get big I'm gonna be a doctor and where those things in my ear!
So today I hear Ryan say go show your mom, so Brady comes into the kitchen with his bunny ears upside now and inside his ears and he says, "I'm gonna be a doctor when I get big!" He was going around putting the bunny ear on my chest and back and pretending to listen to me, and would say you sound good mommy! I just love this mom, and how smart and creative is he to know that he could do that with his bunny ears and it would look like a stethoscope.

Radom but precious picture Ryan drew of Brady
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