Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 27th

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April 28th
When I went to pick up Brady today the gymnastic teacher that usually comes for the older was just getting in Brady's room to do a little exercise and asked if he could stay. This was Brady's first time to tumbling, and after he caught enough courage to get out of my lap in joined in! I took this on my camera, so there not the best but you get the idea!

Waiting his turn

Gettin ready to do a hand stand

Look at his precious smile

This is Audra

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 25th
Kristen's Baby Shower
Today, Stephanie, Leah (cousin), Bonnie (aunt) and I threw Kristen (cousin) a baby shower at my house. She's having a little boy! We had lots of fun and I know Kristen really enjoyed it!

Bonnie, Leah, Kristen, Me & Steph

The diaper cake I made

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April 26th: Bath Time Fun
Brady just loves to sing & has really been talking more than I was expecting at this age. He can already say his ABC's & count to ten, I'm glad he took after his father and not me!

April 23rd
Todd comes to visit
One of our favorite people in the world Todd Gaston came to visit this last week. Todd was Ryan & mine youth minister growing up, and really earn a special place in hearts and was just someone to look up to and now a good friend. He was apart of the Ryan's plot to propose to me at church camp & of course married us as well! Todd moved to Virgina about 7 years ago and we get to see him maybe once a year now! Shane, April and Abigail came over to to hang out, but left before we thought to take pictures!

Todd, Ryan, Brady, & Me

Todd, Tim, Kara, & Landry

Ryan, Landry, & Brady hanging out

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April 18th
Tee Ball
I left to go pick up something this morning, leaving the boys outside playing and when I came home, Ryan had gotten the vaccum connector and dug it into the dirt and was using it has a baseball tee, and Brady was having a hay day! He's pretty good too!!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 17th
The BIG 30
Tonight my wonderful friends & family surprised me with a party celebrating my 30 years here on earth! I ended up going home after school, after shooting down the first attempt to getting me to my parents house, going shopping with mom and to come over and eat rcie & beans, then shot down the second attempt when Ryan called asking if I wanted to go eat over there, finally Ryan convinced me to meet him at my parents house for dinner, I was clueless until I saw all the cars out front! I am so blessed and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for my friends and family!
I've been dreading this day, turning 30, but the fact is, it really is just another year, and I'm as young as I act, right? Which means I'm just a baby, lol!!

Tanya was taking pictures and just kept clicking, so of course Mandi kept posing

Hill, Aaron & Olivia

Chris & Ryan chilling after dinner & watching the Rangers play

Cooper, Jenn, Jenn, & Zach

My precious baby
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April 15th
Barney Comes to School
So Nanny found a Christian man that does all sorts of Characters, including most kids favorites, Barney & Elmo! I'd been telling Brady for weeks that Barney was coming to school, he was very confused but he finally understood when Barney came! He was scared to death, Nanny took pictures for me, in all the pictures, Brady is sitting in a teacher's arms! Although he was terrified he hasn't stopped talking about the Big Barney! And every time he says the Big Barney he sings I Love You, You love Me..., he honestly sings that song at least 20 times a day, its precious! I gave to get it on video!

Barney arrives

Welcome Barney


One of the teachers convicing Brady Barney won't hurt him

Barney entertaining

Barney entertaining some more

and some more

My little Scaredy Cat

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 12th
Easter morning, we slept in a little late and we decided to go to PPBC for church. Brady woke up and had some breakfast burritos and opened his Yo Gabba Gabba Themed Easter basket! After church there was a small Easter egg hunt at church that had to get moved inside the gym because of the rain and then we headed to Mimi & Popi's for Easter lunch and another inside Easter Egg Hunt!

Brady's Easter basket

Showing off one of his toys

Trying to blow his duck horn

Playing with Foofah

Brady after trying one of his smarties, he usually likes but I guess it doesn't go well with morning breathe

Opening his Easter basket from Mimi & Popi

Our crazy sister pic

My precious family

Tanya & her crew, Matt had to work

Mandi, Phoebe, Chris, & Mari

Phoebe & I were sportin purple

All the kids

Hunting Eggs

Phoebe hunting

Nanny came by to drop off Brady's Easter basket

Brady playing in Ryan's shoes

My boys