Friday, March 07, 2008

Feb. 28th

Brady's A Big Boy!

On Wed. 27th Brady had to get picked early from daycare b/c he had fever, well it happened to the day of my first track meet, so Ryan had to picked him and care for him all night, while I was gone until 9:00, so needless to say, I was very sad not to be home with them! But I did get to stay home the next day with him, which he was fine, just a little needy, so I felt think we were playing hooky! So I decided that we would put Brady's new carseat in, I know it's crazy to think, he's big enough to be sitting in a big boy carseat but he is! And let me just tell you, I love being able to turn around and see his smiling face! I mean if you

All Dolled Up
After showing Brady his new playground, he was a little wound up, so he started playing with another one of his favorite toys, my hand band. The first time he saw one, he just wanted to eat it, but then I made the mistake of showing him what you need with it, so he now runs around putting it on and taking it off his own head, it's the funniest thing ever!

Look guys!
He's showing his daddy!
Crawling around

Posing for the camera

Feb. 20th

Brady's New Toy

Ryan had Brady's new Rainbow Playsytem delivered on Wed the 20th and he absolutely loves it. We will enjoy it though alot more when this crazy Texas weather stops! Ryan says ladders are for sissy so he got a ramp on one side and rock wall on the other side. It has a trapeze on one side and a baby swing for now on the other side and then of course a slide. Here's just a few pictures of Brady playing, we got home rather late the night it was put in so we didn't get many pictures b/c it was really past Brady's bedtime!