Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nov. 27th
Brady's First Halloween Party!
My friend and co-worker Hillary (yes, we have the same name, but mine's better b/c it only has one l, right Hillary?) had a Halloween party last Sat. night, Brady wore his Skunk costume and I had t-shirts made for Ryan and I, which Ryan wore after some very serious convincing! Brady was a little ladies man, there were 2 little girls that were just loving on him and the funny thing is Hillary had got him a little shirt from Gap that said Ladies Man, so I guess it's true!

Okay, so Brady STARTED CRAWLING, yes you heard me correctly, CRAWLING, right now more of an army crawl, his working on getting on one knee, but not there yet. My mom watched him Sat. morning briefly while I took some pictures, and she said something to me about him moving a little and I didn't believe her, so later that day Ryan and I put him on the floor and for sure, he just started moving a little, out of no where, but I really didn't see it b/c I went in the Kitchen b/c I gave up! I tried to take pics and video but as soon as I got it out he stopped. Later that night after changing his diaper @ Hillary's he saw the wipes and just started moving, I got real excited and started screaming, I know hard to believe, right? Anyway, everytime I yelled he would stop turn around look at me smile and keep going like he knew he was doing something good, and he was proud too!

Be looking for Halloween pics from Tonight, Ryan and I are taking him to our church's Fall Festival and then Thursday night we will be going to the Fall Festival @ my school!
Our Lil stinker
We LOVE Skunks!
Mommy and her lil Skunk
Hillary also got him this little Halloween Mr. Potato head, he had a ghost sheet and everything!
This is Brady and the other Hillary who is expecting a baby on Brady's exact due date March 28th, which of course we know he decided don't to wait until! Hillary, Brady, and Carolyn (one of the other coaches I work with)
Brady sees an objects and goes after it!

Oct. 26th
The Pumpkin Farm
We took Brady to the Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine last Friday Night and Nana and Grandpa came along. He was a small quant little pumpkin patch, we baby corn maze and a real corn maze, lots of decor for great pictures, popcorn, haunted hayride, etc. I sure next year Brady will be into everything! Once again Brady couldn't find his smile but you'll notice in the last pictures that as soon as we got to the restaurant he started smiling, laughing, talking, sometimes, I think he does it on purpose, lil stinker!

He is standing up with help from Grandpa; he started eating it right after we took the picture!
His eyes are still blue and I just love them, smile or not smile!

Driving the tracker!
Brady's first pumpkin-we picked out a pumpkin for him
Grandpa, Nana, and Brady

3 Generations of Boozers

@ the Restaurants when he found his Smile

October 25th
Brady eats his first peice of baby toast
Brady has become more and more interested and what mommy and daddy are eating and wants some so bad! We decided to let me try some toast and just like the cookie, he loved it! @ my parents the other night (Oct. 18th) we let me have some fruit pops, he acted like he was choking, even though they dissolve in your mouth, so I freaked out a little (my mom has some pics, I post when I get them). Monday night Mimi confessed she gave him some more and was even picking them up and feeding himself, what a big boy!

October 19th
Brady's First Trip To Six Flags
My neice Kendra had her 11th b-day party @ Six Flags and Ryan was out of town so I thought what the heck, let's be brave and take Brady, and he was such a good boy! he was just looking around at everything! (It was my neice Mari's first time as well!) I was prepared to leave early and get home to put Brady to bed but he ended up falling asleep in his carseat and let mommy stay the entire time! My sister Mandi a couple of weeks ago found a peanuts Halloween shirt @ Target and I loved it, so I decided to get me one before meeting them @ Six Flags, we'll come to find out, Mandi had hers on too, so I bought one for my sister Tanya so we would all be alike, chessy I know, but we had fun with it! I had such a good time, I love spending time with my sisters especially with all of our kids! Brady couldn't find his smile, but was in a happy boy regardless
The Kids love getting their pictures taken at the old timey place, they had a gangster outfit for Brady!
My sister Tanya works @ Six Flags partime with the Kodak people and one of her jobs is to walk around with the Grim Reaper so their good buds, this is Brady and I, look how excited he looks!
Some of them are cutout but this is Kendra and her friends, Kendra is the one behind Mari, and my neice Kaylee is directly behind her, Chase is to the left of Mari cutout for some reason
Brady takes a picture with Batman and Robin
My sister's and I in our matching shirts
Mari, Brady, and I waiting for the kids to get done riding a ride
Mandi and Mari- Oh IT'S A GIRL; I forgot I've haven't blogged Mandi and Chris are having another little girl Chase and Mari being silly!
My oldest sister Tanya and I, I being to think we look alike

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pictures I promised from the Reunion...
Sorry these are so late, things have been real crazy! Okay so that's me as stiff as a board laying across the chairs.
Another view of me, look how straight I am!
This is one of my dear friends from elementary, middle school, and high school, April Burns and yes she's sitting on me and I'm still straight. I know it looks like he's holding her but people tell me all her weight was on me and as you can see I'm still straight as a board!
Everytime he said sleep we would fall over and look like this, I'm the 3rd one from the right! Some of the other things people said I need that was a hoot was him making me jump out of my seat everytime he said fun b/c I thought I "felt" like I was sitting on a tack, laughing hysterical to the pt my makeup was running and snorting b/c he told me everyone was naked, and crying when I got pulled over for speeding and was told I was going to jail! It was pretty crazy, so I hear, I don't remember everything!
This is April and after sitting on me
Some of the boys of High School

I know they're more pictures out there but people haven't sent them to me yet!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whoever Said Dressing Up Girls Was Fun,
Never Had a Boy!
I know I've said it before but I have more fun dressing Brady than I ever thought possible! Picking out his outfits is one of my highlights of the day, I know that sounds cheesy but it's true! I will spend just as much time or more figuring out what I'm going to put him in versus what I'm going to wear. Just going to the daycare with no plans at night we just hangout in comfy clothes but when I know we're going to see somebody that night, it's on! He's just so darn cute it's hard not to think he looks good in everything, but for some reason Wednesday's outfit had me smiling all day, I even brought the pics to school today and showed him off to my students. And it's days like this I knew I was meant to have a son! Check it out! He's my lil'man! Check out the shoes too, Ryan and I bought them in Chicago @ H &M, ooh, I just want to eat him up!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My 10 year Reunion/Brady's First Football Game

My 10 year reunion was this last weekend. Friday night we tailgated @ the Irving Homecoming game and it was family night, here are a few pics from Friday Night, of course all of Brady. Even though I had to drag Ryan we had a great time! I'm waiting on pics from Sat. night, including pics of me being hypnotised, CRAZY! I'll post in the next couple of days. If you look really carefully you can see Brady's 2 bottom teeth, this is the first picture I've gotten where you can really see them!

Brady cheesin in the stands with Daddy

Cheesin some more
Trying to grab the camera
I wanted the field and players in the background so Ryan held him up for me and yes that's spit up all over his shirt

Some precious girls from church/school, Brady, Big Irv