Thursday, August 07, 2008

August 1,2,3, &4th
Brady's First Plane Ride/Our visit to Arkansas
I've been trying to plan a trip to Arkansas to visit one of my best friends Carol, who welcomed her 2nd baby, a little boy, Wylie, 3 months. Well, for those who don't know I've accepted and new job at Irving High again and I'm having to go back to work earlier than expected so this trip almost didn't happen, I actaully decided Thursday night that we were going to leave Friday morning, kind of crazy I know. So Brady and I jumped on an airplane! Brady was terrific, he actually fell asleep before we took off and woke up when we landed!
Anyway, we had a blast! Things are definitely different than they used to be, you know it not just being me and Carol any more, and the kids out numbering us. At times it was a little crazy to say the least, Wylie has reflux and started getting a runny nose, Brady got sick and we had to take him to the doctor Monday before we left, (they said it was just a cold but when we got home, he had a 103.1 temp :(), then poor Ella was having some potty problems, so there was never a dull moment, but we had a great time! I only wish we lived closer, Carol is a precious friend!
I've definitely learned traveling by yourself, is not an easy task, it's a sure test of paitence, and I think, I felled, lol! Going standby didn't help the situation either of course!
Brady's first airplane ride

Brady sleeping
Brady sleeping from a different angle, a nice lady offered to take his picture
Carol's husband Adam is a football coach and gave Brady this visor
Carol, Wylie, Ella, Me, & Brady
Us again, this time the kids looking at the camera
Our precious children
Brady loved both Wylie and Ella, this is Brady giving Wylie sugars
We went swimming at a neighbors house
Wylie chillin

Wylie and Carol chillin
My big boy
Brady and Ella being crazy kids
The three kiddos again
Ella and baby brother Wylie

Brady on the way back on the airplane, he was great, he was a such a good boy on the way back, he so didn't feel good, poor baby! He just sat in my lap the entire ride!

July 28th
Our 7 yr Anniversary
Today is Ryan and mine 7 year anniversary. 7 years ago today we exchanged vows, which is just crazy to me, there are times it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like its been forever, lol, well it has actually been 15 years, half our lives! I came across this engagement picture which actually was June 2, 2000, I will never forget the day Ryan proposed, it will always be one of my best days of my life, Ryan surprised me in the sweetest way possible! I also put my favorite wedding picture of us, I have to say we looked pretty good back then!
We ended up just having a quiet evening at home, my mom offered to watch Brady, so he spent the night over their and Ryan and I had stayed in, cooked dinner and watched a movie, it was very relaxing!

Abigail Rose Arrives
Shane and April had their little girl today on our anniversary, how fun! She was 7 lbs 2oz, I think, something like that. Ryan, Brady, and I went to go see them in the hospital!

The Happy Family

Brady meets Abigail
Brady gives her sugars
Brady being silly, we had to entertain him in the hallway b/c they had lots of guests

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

July 26th

Dallas World Aquarium

We went to the Dallas World Aquarium with Nanny, Booga, and Braeleigh today! It was both of theirs first time! Brady found all the animals fasinating, especially the Nemos, which is what Braeleigh was calling all the fish!

Nanny, Brady, Booga, and Braeleigh

Brady and Daddy checking out the fish

Braeleigh and Brady hanging out in the fish tunnel

Brady trying to catch the fish

July 25th
Kaylee turns 13
My niece Kaylee turned 13 on the 7th and we celebrated this evening @ incredible pizza! It's crazy to me that my sister is a mom of a teenager and I'm her aunt!

Kaylee, the bday girl
Blowing out her candles
Her younger brother and sister, Chase and Kendra
Uncle Matt, Brady, and Daddy, eating pizza
Popi and Mimi with Mari
Brady enjoying his dinner

Tanya and Brady making a mean face
Lil Phoebe
Brady and Uncle Chris

Chris, Mari, Brady and Ryan playing games

July 2oth
Layton turns 3
Brady's friend Layton had his 3rd bday party which happened to be UPS party, his mommy, one of my best friends, Jennifer, always throws the best parties! Brady had a blast on the Double Drop Raceway and in the baby pool, he played in the baby pool for an hour probably all by himself untill Cooper, Layton's little brother joined him!

Jennifer made these cakes

Layton the bday boy

Jennifer and Cooper, Jennifer, along with her parents and Zach all had UPS shirts and hats and the kids all got UPS gift bags!

Brady sliding all by himself

Cooper and Brady play

Brady entertains himself