Tuesday, May 11, 2010

March 10th
Today I went in for my 30wk appt., I'm starting to go every 2 wks now! Charley is doing great, moving like crazy her heartbeat this week was 160! I officially have a outty and am FAT, at this rate I for sure will be heavier than I was with Brady! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I absolutely LOVE being pregant and would do it as many times as the Lord will allow, but I've just decided I hate the extra weight in the legs, buttocks, arms, face, etc, lol! I wish I was one of those people that stuck with working out and got lucky to only putting on a few pounds but I've decided the Lord just thinks me and my babies need some extra weight suring these months!

Mother's Day, me and Charley

March 9th
Mommy's Day
I know there are some out there that might beg to differ but I honestly believe I am the luckiest girl and mommy in the world! I have a wonderful mother, who I can only hope to be 1/2 of some day who has given me the best Christian example of what a wife and mother we are called to be and only pray that I can have that kind of relationship with Charley some day! I also have a terrific mother-in-law, that I know many are jealous of! And more importantly God chose me to be a mommy of I think the cutest little boys in the world, who's sweet spirit, precious smile, and hamminess makes be smile daily and help me forget all the 3 yr old fits! And of course He has also blessed me with a baby girl, that I'm dying to meet, love, and hold!
This year, Brady got to sing in Big Church for us, they sang a couple of very sweet mommy songs, Brady jsut stood there, but he was sure cute to look at! We met up with Ryan's mom and dad for lunch and then headed to my folks for dinner! It was a great day and I can't thank God enough for blessing me!

Brady smiling?? at me

This is what he did the entire time

Looking at me thinking about singing, Cooper is to the left of him

Seriously nervous or something

Checking things out

Brady's singing Debut

I asked him to smile, he made us say Plex!

His crazy cheese face

My crazy boy

Sweet sugars

March 7th
Fun in the Mud
I left the boys outside for maybe 30 minutes, while I was cooking dinner and I came back to see Brady covered in dirt, lol! He was supposed to be helping Daddy, but got a hold of the water hose and sprayed himself and he was soaked and covered head to toe in mud! These pictures really don't do it justice!

Helping Daddy

Trying to shovel rocks

Dirty wet boy

More help

March 4th
Brady's 2nd Blastball Game
Today was our second Blastball game, this time Brady had his jersey, so he got to sport it, #2! It's funny he was more interested in the grass this game than last also. Enjoy the pics, notice the facial expressions on the batting and running to first, he gets so excited, wonder who he gets that from?

Mari and Brady on 3rd

Mari at bat

Brady's first at bat

Brady's second at bat

Diving for 1st, lol

Trying to get his teammate to give him the ball to throw

Running back to the dugout

Everyone playing around

Brady and Dalton

Brady throwing the ball in
Releasing the ball

Throwing dirt, very seriously

More dirt throwing

Waiting to bat

3rd at bat

Running to first, I love the face

Running to first, and another precious face

Jumping on first

More dirt playing

Throwing the ball home

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

April 30th
Wii Tiger Field Day
Today I survived my first field day, I was barely able to walk afterwards but I suvived. The kids seemed to have a blast and everything went pretty smoothly I would say especially for having to newbies running the show! My mom brought Brady up for a little while to play, he wasn't real sure about all the people but he eventually came around!
Shy at first

Ready to play
Jana, Erin, and I

Getty Up Horsey

I love that smile

Brady was a little freaked out by the clown

Monday, May 03, 2010

April 29th
First Blast Ball Game
Today was Brady's first Blast Ball game! This was the very first time Brady would ever hit the field, first time to bat, first time to field, first time to run the bases, etc. and I was so giddy! I couldn't hold back my excitement, I know he's 3 and its just blast ball, but I couldn't help but think that I'm that "soccer mom" now and it excites me, expecially since our first game, I was was in charge of snacks! I couldn't put the camera down or stop smiling and giggling! Brady had a blast too! He was excited that everyone was there to watch him, so excited he didn't want to stay in the dugout and come on, let's get real, its a typical boy, he was surrounded by dirt, lol! He did so good, he got to bat 3x and hit it each time, I know its hard to miss the ball, but after seeing his first practice I was a little nervous! No matter if the ball was near him or not while in the field he was diving in the dirt, and every time he got on or came off the field he jumped on the squeaky base! I hope you can see the excitement in his face too while looking at the pictures and the video! I still can't stop smiling!
Brady and Mari

Warmup run

Lining up to field for warmup
Getting ready to warmup, holding cousins hand

Its mine

Got it

Diving during warmup

Fielding during warmup

I got it, has no idea or care, the game hasn't started yet

Notice where the ball is and what the kids are doing, and this was still pregame, lol

Running to the dugout to start the game

First at bat on video

First at bat

Getting giddy for his first at bat

First hit

Runing to first at his first hit ever

First time to ever run to first base, and he leaps right over it, lol!

2nd at bat ever

Oh, this way to first

Running to 1st

Kodak moment

Running after the ball

Throwing it in

Mari's turn at bat


3rd at bat

3rd at bat, contact
Safe Again

First Good Game Line Up

Good Game

Good Sportsmanship

Snack Time