Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan. 27th
Phoebe Rhae Smyers is Here...
4lbs 13oz 181/2inches
My sister Mandi had her little girl Sunday @ 3:49. Phoebe wasn't supposed to be here until Feb. 29th but Mandi was having some blood pressure issues and there were concerns about toxium. It was a little crazy both my parents and my brother-n-law were out of town when Mandi checked herself in for what we thought would be just a quick check, after telling her she was staying the night and that they would induce in the morning we started to manic a little. Everyone ended up getting here in plenty of time & both Mandi and Phoebe are doing great; they went home Tuesday.

Jan. 29th
Laundry Fun
We knew Brady loved to put objects inside things, but we didn't discover until just the other day that he loves laundry, he would have played all day if we would have let him. He took everything out one at a time and then started putting things back in and just giggling the entire time!

Taking things out!

Grabbing something else

Putting it back like a good boy!

Massage Therapy
We have discovered that Brady loves massages. One day Ryan started doing it just for fun & he just melted, so its part of our nightly routine now!

Before massage, lots of energy!
During massage, check out his sleepy eyes
Watching TV, hard life, huh?

Independant Brady
Brady loves to feed himself, check out his skinny little arms grabbing his Mac & Cheese. He loves black olives too, we discovered that at a pizza buffet one night (Jan. 19th). Swimming in the bathtub and eating I think are two of his favorite times of the day. He loves to share his food with mommy & daddy and he loves to have you put food on his fork or spoon and then he'll put it in his mouth and then wave it around with excitement when his done.

Look how long my fingers are

I love it eat!!

I love to show off my teeth, I have my 2 bottoms one now, 1 eye on one side, & two just broke through on my other side, but missing my front two front ones

Brady sharing his food!

He's trying to put an olive on his fork!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 12, 2008
Brady is 10 months
It is crazy to believe that Brady is actually 10 months which means in exactly 2 months he will be a year, it really just seems impossible! I forgot to mention in his 9 month post that he weighed 18.10lbs & was 29 inches long. I know not even 20lbs, as you can see in the pics below he's really just a little guy, with a hint of a belly sometimes! Well, we're continuing to sleep really well, eating more new table foods each day, one of his favorites now, mac & cheese. Friday the 11th he started sitting up for his chill pose & he's just everywhere! He just loves to play, talk done stop, mama, dada, bye, bye, etc., trying to pull up on everything, his just the happiest baby, we're so very blessed!
I also forgot to mention that Ryan will be starting a new job March 1st after working at Rainbow for nearly 11 yrs he will be moving into commercial real estate, his extremely excited but a little scared too as you can imagine! Keep us in your prayers please as he starts this new endeavor!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan. 8, 2008
Bath Time Fun

Brady came up Tuesday from daycare & starting doing this tongue thing. He had discovered his tongue several weeks back but we figured out now his tongue had found his teeth! He literally did it all night, I was a little worried he would never stop! About end of Nov or Dec Brady decided he didn't like baths anymore and I could never figure out why, then something just clicked one day we discovered he could swim! He is a litte fish now, moving all around, kicking, splashing, & giggling, our bath time now last about 30 min & probably could go longer if I let it

Look what I discovered mom!
New discovering from a different angle


Chill pose in the bath

After every bath we wrap up & I say "Snug as a Bu in a Rug"
so here's my little Sung Bug

Dec. 5th: Playtime outside

Sat. headed up being a beautiful day, the sun was out & it was nice & warm, & Ryan was home, so we decided to have some family time outside! Brady continues to love his walker & he had a lot of fun in the leaves as well, as you can see! Kim & Aaron hope you like the pics of Brady in his Honkey Tonk Kid shirt!

Wee, Look @ me!

Down heel, is even more fun!

Playing in the leaves

Jan 2, 2008: Walker

I had some returns to make @ Babies R Us & decided to buy Brady a walker as much as he loves to walk b/c Ryan & mine backs are killing us! I know some people don't agree with them including my sister, but Ryan & I know it's not a babysitter! Anyway he loves, he usually just goes in circles over & over again.

Priceless Grin & Giggle

His oh face again

Chilling in Bed with Ebony

Christmas Evening
Some a few pics of Brady being a ham & playing with one of his new toys!

Dec. 25th
Boozer Christmas
After having our first family Christmas morning together we went to Nana & Grandpa's had Christmas there. Nana made breakfast, we opened presented & Brady & Braeleigh entertained us! The kids are some great clothes & toys and us big kids got a digital slide show picture frame which I believe we both really wanted! And Nana & Grandpa got there pictures & calendar.

Our little Family

Braeleigh & Steph opening Braeleigh gifts
Brady trying to rip a bow off

The kids got puffs in their stockings & they were eating them like they were going out of style, they were all over the floor

Eating puffs

Braeleigh eating a handful of puffs & Steph in the background shaking her head
Brady making his oh face while looking our family picture
The kids opening presents
The kids again

Braeleigh & Grandpa
Braeleigh admiring the pictures we gave Nana & Grandpa
Nana & Grandpa looking @ their present
Brady was fascinated with the ornaments he would take them off look @ them & then try to put them back on & then start all over again
Hangin with Nana

The Mitchell Family