Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 22nd
Brady's Dedication
Ryan and I decided it was time to dedicatedBrady, which is basically, standing in front of the church and promise to train him in the way he should go and for the church's prayer to help us as parents to do that and to pray for Brady! We we're supposed to do it on Father's Day but I pastor was a little under the weather and instead of proceeding without him we decided to wait until the next Sunday which acaually turned out great b/c Ryan's fam was in town for the anniversary party the day before!
Ryan and I realize what a blessing Brady is to us and only hope that he will someday grow to be a Godly Man!
Brady was a hoot while we were up there, he tried to honk Ryan's nose and then when Brother Ken told Ryan if he grew up to be anything like him he would be a good man, Brady said something, Brother Ken said it was an Amen!
Brady received a certificate and a little bible, which you can see in the pictures he loved!

June 21st
Mick& Mother's 50th Anniversary Party
Ryan's grandparents celebated 50 yrs of marriage yesterday and this last Sat. we had a party for them! It was a great turnout, there was a very beautiful and tear jerker slideshow and we presented them with a picture of all there kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

Mick & Mother

Mick & Mother and 3 of their four kids inlcuding Ryan's mom Wendy on the left

Ryan's uncle Jason and his kids Jordan, Justin, & Katie
Wendy & Stephanie
Mother & Brady

Mother & Braeleigh
Stephanie & Aunt Laurie
Braeleigh & Brady giving kisses
Booga & the Kiddos
Mick & Mother with Brady (he wasn't happy)

Our lil fam
Brady being silly
He was jumping off the table to Ryan

Presented the picture to them
The picture
Mick & Mother again

Mick & Mother with their great grandkids (again Brady wasn't happy)

June 16th
First Swim Lesson
I signed Brady up for a 2 wk swim lesson class at a pool not even 5 min from the house. This was are very first day, he just loves the water, and the instuctor was very impressed and commented what a good baby he was! I'm having trouble uploading the video, I'll try again soon!
They get to pick out a toy before getting into the water
First steps

Getting used to the water
We warmup and end on songs, Brady loves it
Practicing our kicking

Getting brave

Look mom

Swimming to get his toy

Let's go home

June 15th
Ryan's 2nd Father's Day
We spent Father's Day @ Ryan's parents house, my dad was in Moscow! We had a fun day, and spend lots of quality with daddy1
My boys

When we got home later that day, I heard Brady talking and found him on the couch with one of my books, he really sounded like he was reading, what a big boy!

Brady has been attached too Ryan even more, after being gone from him a week!