Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct. 23rd
Pumpkin Farm 2008
This was our second year to take Brady to the Pumpkin Farm, and after Brady stopped freaking out about all the decorations, he had a great time trying to find the perfect pumpkin and running around all over the grounds, even when they were trying to kick us off!

The Boozers @ the Pumpkin Farm

The Boozers @ the Pumkin Farm 2007

Brady and his Mimi

Tractor Fun

2007 Tractor

Hanging out on the pumpkins
Picking and Choosing

I think I found the one

He found the perfect one!

Oct. 19th
NKOTB Concert

Both my sisters Tanya and Mandi, and my friends Kara, her sister Dani, Hillary, Olivia, and Jennifer went all took a step back in time and got to carry out our life long dream and little girl crushes to see those sexy boys dancing and singing together once more! New Kids are back!
We had t-shirts made, which caught every one's eyes!
We met up at my parents house, had pizza, and then rode out to the concert together! Natasha Beddingfield opened for them, whom I love as well! She sang her two most popular songs, Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine and one of her newest hits Angel and a couple of more!
Then it was time for our boys to come on stage! I've never seen so many grown women going crazy over men! It was insane, I felt like a silly kid again! And of course they didn't let us down, those now middle aged men put on a show for sure, for a much more mature audience!

The crew from left to right, top: Me, Dani, Tanya,Mandi, Kara, Hillary, bottom: Jennifer and Olivia

My sister Tanya, strikin a pose with her authentic button!

The back of our shirts, which caused a little bit of controversy, I saw the design online with the date 1984, but, it seems that might have been a few years too early!

Hillary, Olivia, and I

Me, Kara, and Baby bump Landry

Me, Kara, baby bump Landry, and Dani

My precious and crazy sisters

Jennifer and Me

The crew outside the AA center, we were told we couldn't take pictures, so we thought this was going to be the last, but we're sneaky!

Prego Kara, letting her feet take a breather

Hillary, Olivia, and I with Natasha Beddingfield in the back

Jennifer and I inside

Natasha Beddingfield

Kara, Dani, Mandi, and Tanya

My fav hunk, Jordan

They got the right stuff, alright

They came down to piano which was on a rotating stage that was right in front of us!

Some lady threw her bra

My sexy hunk, Jordan


My crazy sisters singing