Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brady's Girlfriend
Back during Christmas break, Brady and I met up with one of my dearest friends Tarenthia and her little girl Avery. Her birth, I posted back in May and there are several since then, inlcuding one of them at Hillary's shower. Avery is just a doll and it so fun to have our kiddos so close! Brady is actually 2 months older than Ms Avery but hasn't cuaght up with her as far as weight, his just a little guys still!

Posing for the camera!

Brady was trying to get some lovin'

Me and Brady cheesin'

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb. 16th
Hillary's Shower
Saturday was actaully a very busy day for me as well, I had Hillary's shower, a funeral, and a birthday party. First was Hillary's shower. I was supposed to make her a diaper bag and once again I procastinated until the night before. My mom's complicated but very nice sewing machine started giving me trouble and mom wasn't home to help so I had to give her bag in pieces.

Hillary and I (I really don't think I'll ever get used to us having the same name!)

Tarenthia, her little girl Avery, and I. Not sure what I'm telling but it seems like a shocker!

The unfinished diaper bag

Olivia and Hillary, Olivia was the one throwing the shower, she did a fantastic job, we had breakfast galore and everything was displayed just right!

Here's the adorable cake, obviously she's doing firetrunk them in the nursey, hence the diaper bag material and the cake!

Feb. 16th
I do my best on Sat. mornings to try to make breakfast for Brady and Ryan, it's usually eggs, one of Brady's favorites but this morning we tried some mini waffles. Brady really enjoyed! While feeding him breakfast I noticed yet another tooth, this makes #7! Now is has 3 on bottom and 4 on top! And later that day he took his FIRST STEPS! He took his first wobbling step to me in the bathroom after brushing his teeth and then later he took 2 steps to Ryan in our bathroom! One a exciting day, trying a new food, discovering a new tooth, and taking steps!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb 14th
Brady's First Valentine's Day!
I woke a little early Valentine's morning and made the boys some blueberries muffins, as you can see I burnt them! I gave Ryan this dad and son willow tree angel below and of course a card from me and then one from Brady. It was Brady first time to have a muffin and he loved them! Brady got a little Valentine beanie baby bear and a first Valentine's card. And a couple of things from Nana and his teacher from school!
Brady's First Valentine's gift
His making a funny face, but this is Brady eating a muffin, I actually made him mini ones
This is Brady in his walker with all his fun Valentine's gifts and there's Ebony being curious
Brady Clapping
Brady clapping some more, this was his other Valentine's shirt, it says I stole mommy's heart!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feb. 12th
Brady is 11 months!
Brady believe it or not was turned 11 months yesterday! He is growing into just a little boy, doing what all little boys love to do, get into to things running around (crawling) and being rough and tough, and never stopping to even take a breathe! Like I mentioned earlier he has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 on bottom, it's the cutest thing ever! When he gets upset he scunhes his little nose up and gives this funny little smile, almost like his grinding his teeth, which btw I noticed him doing 2 days ago (Feb. 10th) for the first time and again yesterday. He loves to pull up and his thinking hard about walking but not interested yet. He loves to eat scrambled egg yolks, gerber graduates 'lil crunches, which are like fat free cheetos with veggie flavoring. He also loves eating olives, pickles, meat sticks, pretty much anything he can feed to himself! His favorite song is IF YOUR HAPPY AND YOU KNOW and as soon as you start singing he starts clapping his hands and smiling!

Showing off his Valentine shirt and teeth!
He had the funniest time playing with this hearts!
He was not interested in posing standing up this day!
He came getting really excited and waving his arms and she caputered this and underneath we wrote I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!

Feb. 12th
Hillary's School Baby Shower
Carolyn and I threw Hillary a baby shower @ school yesterday, it turned out great and we had a lot of fun! She is expecting on March 28th and his having a little boy, whom their naming Aaron.

Me, Hillary, and Carolyn
Hillary in front of her cake and diaper cake
Hillary and her husband Mark

Feb. 11th

Gracie's 3rd B-Day Party

Our good friends Colby and Courtney's little girl Gracie had her party Monday evening at Chunky Cheese, she wanted to have it where her big sister did a couple of months ago! We had fun and I got to capture Brady drinking out of a straw for the second time!

Feb. 9th


Well, it's been a very long, trying season, but we pulled it off! My 8th grade girls A team went undefeated and won City! We got a bye Friday night, but played first thing Sat. morning and beat that team quite a bit and that put us directly into the Championship game! I was beyond nervous, my stomach was in knots! We had played who we thought was going to be opponent twice already and had beat them but they were tough games! Sure enough it we played that previous oponent and my girls game out ready to play and ended up winning by 20pts.

The team after winning!

This picture was actaully taken after winning the Preseason Tournament
Celebrating after the win!
One of our team pictures we took; after playing one of our first games, I learned very quickly that has much talent that I had that they were crazy; I got bad one game and told them I didn't sign up to coach a bunch of gangsters, so their pretending their behind bars, lol!

After the game the girls went over to one of the teammates house and had pizza and cake!

Feb. 10th
Phoebe Visit
Sunday, Ryan and I went to visit Phoebe for the first time since them getting home, I've been sick so I had to stay away. She is now a whomping 5 lbs! This was Ryan's first time to actually see her, he was at the hospital but since she went directly to ICU we weren't able to see her! While visiting Brady started climbing the stairs. He had done it once more at my parents but he only could do one step or so, today he was climbing them like he was on a mission! Later that day we went to Nana and Grandpa's for lunch and he drank out of a straw for the first time, Ryan just gave it to him and he did it; oh, his growing up too fast!
Look what I'm fixing to do!
Ready, Set, Go!

I made it!
Ryan holding Phoebe for the first time!
Hanging out in her swing!
Look how long her fingers are!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday Feb. 3rd
Superbowl Party
We had our second annual Superbowl party on Sunday though the Patriots lost we still had a good time! Last year if you remember our Abilene friends and a few others surprised me by coming into town for what I thought was just a Superbowl party and then threw me a little surprise shower, so this year we decided to get together again, not everyway was able to come, but we still had fun anyway! I had some t-shirts made for Brady and I to support those Patriots and hottie Tom Brady. It was so fun to see my little Brady with a jersey on with his name on it; ohh, I can't wait for those days to see him playing ball!

Me, Ryan, & Brady last year

My precious Brady supporting BRADY!

Brady supporters!

Drew and Mark playing washers in the garage @ halftime
Bryan and Ryan getting ready to play washers
April, Kara, & Tim talking & watching the halftime show
Hillary & Olivia chillin' on the couch