Sunday, August 08, 2010

July 7th
Mari's 5th Bday Party
Today Mari had a tea party at Mimi & Popi's to celebrate her bday, this was Brady's first but only only tea party he will attend, espcially if Ryan has anything to do with it! Mandi did a great job incorporating the 2 boys, the boys got king crowns & swords instead of princee crowns & necklaces. By the end of the party the boys aka bad guys were chasing the girls with their swords and having a ball!

Big brother wanted to hold Charley while mommy got ready
Sweet girl fell asleep in her brother's arms

Brad at the tea party

Charley at her first tea party

Bday girl

Sipping tea, really water, he didnt like the tea

The boys

Opening presents

Opening presents

Opening presents

Fun outfit we got her

Brady with his sword

Sweet Ryan

July 6th

Too Cute for Words

Just couldn't resist taking a pic of this outfit!

July 5th
First Table Top for 4/Brady's first Sushi
Table for four please, our first dinning put experience with 2 babies. Ryan was supposed to have a business meeting tonight but it got canceled, so he took us to dinner instead. He's been craving sushi forever but since you can't eat it while prego we had to wait. Brady loved his first sushi experience & Charley slept the entire time. Brady loved his miso soup & picking out the fried shrimp from the rolls.

Aug 3rd

3wks Old

Today Charley is 3wks old. She's a great baby, eats usually every 3hrs during the day, in the evening before bed, sometimes every 2hrs. Every since we brought her home she's been a great sleeper at night, for the first 2wks I had to wake her up every four hrs, but after 2wks, no more waking her up, she'll now wake up every 4 on her own, one night she went 5. She gruts a lot and we've just changed her formula b/c I think her tummy is sensitive like Brady's. Can't wait to see how she changes over the next couple of weeks!

Aug 2nd

I couldn't resist, their just all 3 so cute!

Aug 1st
Kayla's BDay Party
Today cousin Kayla had her bday party at Aunt Lyn's house, they kids got to play on the slip n slide, eat Popsicles, and throw water balloons, Brady had a lot of fun!

Brady's first slip & slide


Brae & Brady

Hangin in the pool

Eating another popsicle
Kayla, the bday girl

July 30th/Aug 1st
First Night in Room/First Sunday at Church
Tonight we decided to put Charley in her room, she has become a very noisy girl and keeps mommy and daddy up even while she's sleeping, she did great!
Today we decided we would attempt to head to church, surprisely we were on time and things went very smoothly. Charley waited until after Big church to eat and didn't fuse a bit, more Brady had a hard time leaving us today though, not looking forward to school, ugh!

Sunday best

July 29th

Charley's 2wk Check Up

Today Brady and I took Charley to her 2wk appt. She still looks good, she is now 8lbs 1oz and 21in, she's average in weight and 75 percentile in height. In 2 wks we've had lots of firsts...20th-First outing to lactation center & first bottle with formula, 21st-First for mommy, I Charley for an hour to go to CVS to get pics on a cd & Charley's umbilical cord falls off, 22nd-Fist doc appt, 23rd-first ride with both kids, 24th-First wedding, 27th-First Target trip, 28th-first Walmart trip & first date for Mommy & Daddy, 29th-First for Brady, no more pull ups, Newborn pics

Brady is holding up 2 fingers for 2wks

July 28th

First Walmart Trip/9yr Anniversay

Today I got brave and took both the kids to Walmart to get some pictures printed and some frames for Ryan for our anniversary.

Yes, today Ryan and I are celebrated 9 yrs, its funny how things have changed. My love for Ryan has changed so much, for the better too! Even though he drives me nuts sometimes, lol, I'm so blessed to have a husband who loves me and has given me two beautiful children and works his hinny off to provide for us! We got to go to dinner tonight, we left Charley for the first time, and she was a good girl!

July 27th

First Target Trip

Today Brady went to Mimi's house for the day to may with Mari, so Charley and I got to play. So of course the first thing on my list to do was get out of the house, so we headed to Target.

July 26th
First Stroller Ride
This morning we went to get Charley's 2nd PKU testing done, which Brady wore his costume too, and to the ad building to get some paperwork turned in, still had his costume on, and this evening we went just around the circle in our stroller for the first time, still with costume, lol!

July 24th
His grandparents definitely spoil him, Mimi is no exception! We were over there one day and Brady found a Super Hero costumes, it came with batman, superman, and robin and of course he and Mimi thought he had to have it for a big brother gift, which of course he had already gotten several big brother gifts as is. He literally asked everyday he woke up if his costumes had come. We got home late Friday so Sat. we woke up and they had come, he wore it the rest of the day!


Batman flying

First ride with two kids (pic taken on 24th but 23rd was actually the first day)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

July 23rd & 24th
Trae's Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding
I believe this was the last of Ryan's single buddies to get married this weekend. We were extremely worried we were going to miss it all together due to Charley but she came just in time. Normally I wouldn't take a 9 day old out in public but we couldn't miss seeing Trae getting married.
For the rehearsal dinner Brady got to play with Nani and Booga and Sat. night he was with Popi and Mimi and got to go to Layton and Cooper's bday party, so he was not missing out on any fun!
Charley was an angel both nights, slept the entire time until it was time to eat, maybe getting her out this young and around loud noises, she'll be an easy going baby and toddler!
The boys

Todd & Trae

At the rehearsal

Brit & Trae

My kangaroo

Daddy & his girls

The Wedding

The boys

Waiting on his bride

Here comes the bride


Mr. & Mrs. White

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Mr. & Mrs. White
First Dance

Clint and his youngest girl, Daddy & Charley, & Shane & Calvin

Daddy and his lil girl

Daddy & his girls
Charley ready to party

While Mommy & Daddy are awhile Brady will Play
Layton and Cooper's 5th and 3rd Bday parties were today at 4 and since Daddy was in a wedding at 5 we couldn't go but I didn't want Brady to miss it, so I asked if Popi and Mimi could take him, they all had a blast!

Layton sliding

Brady sliding

Karson & Brady

Bullseye & Brady

Jumping into Zach

Zach & Brady

Filling up his gun

Having fun

Brady shooting Cooper with a water gun

Brady and Cooper eating hotdogs


Brady sliding

Brady including himself in opening presents

Brady helping Layton open pics

Brady sliding


Brady sliding

Brady sliding