Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April 2nd...
I'm 3 wks old today!
Today I am 3 wks old, Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it! Mommy says I'm growing a mile a minute! She seems to think I've hit a growth spurt b/c I just eat all the time and can't seem to get full! I've recently been on a couple of outings (mommy doesn't like being cooped up all the time!) I've been to Target, Babies R Us, Posados, Cheddars, Mimi and Popi's and today mommy and I went on a long walk! Mom didn't think she'd have me out so soon but she seems to think it makes the days not seem so long! And I might get to go to church Easter Sunday, mommy and daddy haven't decided for sure yet! As you can see I'm becoming more alert and am awake a lot more of the day now, except for the last picture of course, that's how mom and I spend most of our day and daddy thought it would be funny to take our picture!