Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Move over Stormy Jean, Meet Ranger!

After driving my Blazer (Stormy Jean) for 10 yrs, I have gotten a new car, meet Ranger! Ranger is a 2005 Expedition, I got him on May 5th and am loving him! I was sad to let Stormy Jean go, even though she's actually not gone, she's sitting in our driveway. I think my dad is actaully going to buy her to keep her in the family, so she won't be far! Brady is loving him too!


Kim said...

Love the car! And the King Ranch package is my favorite! I want AW to get a new King Ranch F350...SO BAD...b/c I think he'd look hot in it! But he doesn't want to. :( SHUCKS! :) Anyway, back to RANGER...sorry! I love him, and can't wait to "meet" him. And I am thrilled to hear that Brady is enjoying him as well. It is VERY important that they like their car! Makes life a lot easier for you!! Love ya!