Tuesday, July 31, 2007

20 wk Update
Brady was 20 wks yesterday and so much is happening. Besides eating cereal and now adding applesauce to our menu and don't forget rolling over, he is just growing up so fast! This last week he has really started to notice our faces, he wants to touch it and or bite it if your Ryan's nose! On the 18th I decided that I really needed to start working on Brady putting himself to sleep for naps during the day in his bed and what do you know the first day he played for about 15 minutes in his crib and then fell asleep for about 2 hrs. This was also the day we started eating cereal two times a day too so it was a big day! Since then he continues to play in his crib and take naps really well and Friday 27th I found him playing in the crib after a nap on his side trying to roll over from his back. At night we still have been swaddling him and using the sleep positioner but after about a wk or so of finding him in the corner of the bed wiggling right out of the positioner and then Sunday night the 29th finding him in the corner on his side I started getting worried that he was going to roll over and get stuck in his swaddler so last night 30th was Brady first night to sleep without them both and he still slept like a champ! I just know any day he will be rolling over from his back so until the I just stand by with my camera!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Yeah! I am so glad things are coming together so easily for you! That is GREAT! Nothing like you feeling like you will "survive" these days when things go so smoothly. I am glad he is becoming a big boy; they are so much fun. I still think Jake gets more fun everyday...and I can't understand how it just gets better and better. But it does! Enjoy every second of sweet Brady! He is absolutely precious! Tell him his Aunt Kimberly Jan loves him!!!