Thursday, July 05, 2007

**Brady's First Fourth of July...**
and the Boozer' First Annual 4th Celebration
We decided to start having our own 4th of July Celebration; you know Ryan and I we love to entertain and host a good party and with the pool and a great view of the fireworks from the front yard, we thought why not! We had more food than we could eat and will be eating leftovers for a week, but it was worth it! Ryan's parents, my mom (dad was out of town), sister Mandi and my brother-in-law Chris and of course Mari, Susan, Jon, Hillary, and Oliva (some of my dearest friends from work), our family friends Denise, Kevin, and their little boy Grayson, my best friend Courtney and her little girls, and last but not least Ryan and my best friends Tim and Kara came to our celebration! We had several friends and family members that were either out of town, working, and of course having their own get togethers, so hopefully next year it will be an even bigger turn out! Brady had fun, we didn't get to swim though see it has yesterday he just didn't want to take a good nap b/c of everything going on; it does figure when we did let him try to see the fireworks he decided to crash before they started! But the rest of us parked ourselves in the front lawn/street and enjoyed the Bedford Boys Ranch Fireworks; they were great! Anyway here's the pics the last nights festivities, enjoy!Brady and his Baby's first 4th of July bib. I had to send Mandi to find the bib for me b/c our Target didn't have them, luckily they came in a pack of 3 b/c his a slobber bucket these days!
Brady, showing off another bib

Brady snug as a bug in a rug falling asleep with daddy and Tim waiting on Fireworks!
Brady and daddy posing in their Old Navy 4th of July shirts that I had to beg Ryan to wear!
Mommy and Brady posing in their shirts!
Grayson, Kevin, Susan, and Jon eating some grub and enjoying the nice hot yet rain free weather out on the patio!
Gracie, Averie, and Courtney swimming!
Kara and Tim hangin' by the pool!
Mari and Brady in their shirts! Mari is trying to make Brady happy!
Mari squating for a pic!
Mari playing with our turtle Baker!
Gracie, Brady, and Averie posing in their 4th of July gear!
Brady, Denise, Chris, Mari, and Mandi hangining out before they left for the Ranger game!
Grandpa Charlie and Brady
Kevin and Ryan hanging out by the pool cooking and watching Grayson swim!