Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov. 12th
Brady's 8 months
Brady turned 8 months today, our little boy is growing up! He even moved into the next class @ daycare today, which was bitter sweet! Like I mentioned earlier Brady loves his fruit puffs, especially when his in his highchair. He loves to play all the time, whether it's crawling, sitting up like a big boy, jumping in his jumparoo, or walking around holding our hands, and his so strong, he thinks he can walk on his own, sometimes, he will do whatever we can to get loose from us! His little legs and feet continue to wiggle constantly which you will see in the one of the videos I'm posting. He talks and giggles all the time, his such a happy baby! He started to do what we think is a waving with his hands, so we continue to practice that with him. He loves to give sugars especially to his mommy, almost everyday I pick him up from daycare the first thing he does is give me sugars! He's just a ham, I guess he gets that from me! He continues to love the dogs, really anybody's dogs, he thinks it's hilarious when they lick him, especially on the face. He continues to love to be outside, grabbing grass and trying to eat it and just looking around. Enjoy the videos! Okay I can't get the other video uploaded I'll try again later!