Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dec. 12th
Brady is 9 months!
I know I'm extremely behind & (Brady will actually be 10 months on Sat.) have a lot to catch everyone up on, so gang on, read fast, & get caught up! I'm sure everyone can attest to fact that Nov & Dec are busy months anyway, then on top of that for you Lil man to get pneumonia it doesn't make it any easier! Yes, Brady came down with pneumonia on Dec. 13th. We had his 9 month check up scheduled & I started noticing a couple days before that he was getting a bad cough, so his wellness check turned into a sick one, needless to say Ryan I were a little scared, but Brady is a tough lil guy & got well quickly! The same now he was diagnosed he pulled up for the first time, he was playing in his bed after a nap & the next thing I know his standing up, so we had to lower the bed quickly!
Not only is Brady pulling up but on the 21st he learned to climb the steps in the living room, so Ryan I had added bumpers, it's the craziest thing ever, one minute you step into the kitchen & turn around & his behind you!
His not a fan of 3 foods, he gags on everything & he believes he is a big boy & needs big people food (thanks to this mostly goes to our neighbor Sandy & friend Kerri, they love giving him food!), so we're struggling right trying to find things he will eat besides club crackers & mashed potatoes! Oh, & Dec. 3rd Brady finally started holding his old bottle, come to find out he had been doing it for weeks @ daycare!
Brady started making this crazy Oh face, I'll post some pictures, it's funny, I got on to Ryan for teaching my son the Ahole from Meet the Fockers, b/c that's actually what it looks like, ha, ha! Okay, on to the next post!