Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb 14th
Brady's First Valentine's Day!
I woke a little early Valentine's morning and made the boys some blueberries muffins, as you can see I burnt them! I gave Ryan this dad and son willow tree angel below and of course a card from me and then one from Brady. It was Brady first time to have a muffin and he loved them! Brady got a little Valentine beanie baby bear and a first Valentine's card. And a couple of things from Nana and his teacher from school!
Brady's First Valentine's gift
His making a funny face, but this is Brady eating a muffin, I actually made him mini ones
This is Brady in his walker with all his fun Valentine's gifts and there's Ebony being curious
Brady Clapping
Brady clapping some more, this was his other Valentine's shirt, it says I stole mommy's heart!