Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb. 16th
Hillary's Shower
Saturday was actaully a very busy day for me as well, I had Hillary's shower, a funeral, and a birthday party. First was Hillary's shower. I was supposed to make her a diaper bag and once again I procastinated until the night before. My mom's complicated but very nice sewing machine started giving me trouble and mom wasn't home to help so I had to give her bag in pieces.

Hillary and I (I really don't think I'll ever get used to us having the same name!)

Tarenthia, her little girl Avery, and I. Not sure what I'm telling but it seems like a shocker!

The unfinished diaper bag

Olivia and Hillary, Olivia was the one throwing the shower, she did a fantastic job, we had breakfast galore and everything was displayed just right!

Here's the adorable cake, obviously she's doing firetrunk them in the nursey, hence the diaper bag material and the cake!


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