Monday, April 14, 2008

April 11th

Brady's visits his 2nd Ballpark

For those who don't know, Ryan wants to try to take Brady to all the different ballparks by the time he's 18 and we've now got 2 down! We took Brady to the Ranger game Friday night with Shane and April, this was Brady first time to the Ballpark in Arlington, but his 2nd time to see the Rangers play, the first was last May when we met up with Drew, Craig, Sammy& Shannon in Houston and went to the Astro game, which was also his first ballpark to visit.

It was a little chilly Friday night, luckily I had to of Brady's blankets with us! Brady was very good and pretty calm until I made the mistake of letting him try a little cotton candy, which by the way, he spit out immediately, but not 30 seconds later I guess the sugar hit him b/c he started acting crazy for 15 minutes straight. He had everyone laughing and then he just crashed!

Boozer Bunch @ the beginning of the game

My precious Brady with his little bat.

Last May, Brady's first ballpark, look how much his grown!

Still calm and just taking everything in...

Then the sugar rush begins

Brady loves his daddy