Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 7th
@ 1 yr 3 wks & five days just shy of 13 months
Up to this point Brady had taken 10 steps at the most, which happened on April 3rd and prior to that it was 7 steps! He was getting really good at standing for more than a couple of minutes and even squatting and standing up again, but really didn't want us ever letting go of his finger. Well, Monday 7th I was walking into to his room to pick him up from daycare and happened to peek in the window right outside his room and there he was walking, I saw him take probably 30 or more steps, he made a complete circle around the room and I just started screaming! God is so good, I would have been so upset had I not gotten to see that and only heard about from his teachers! That night and ever since, there's no stopping him! He is so big, but so little at the same time! We're so proud of our lil man!