Monday, April 07, 2008

March 23rd
Happy Easter!
This was Brady's 2nd Easter, however, last year he was just a couple of weeks old, so this year was a little more exciting! Brady was spoiled once again, receiving 3 Easter baskets, one from us, one from Mimi & Popi, & one from Nana & Grandpa! We celebrated this year with just my family, my mom cooked a prime rib and tons of sides, when we got there was a basket waiting for Brady on the porch from Nana & Grandpa b/c they spent Easter in Paris, TX.
Brady was taking a nap when the big kids hunted their eggs so we hid them again for him, though, he was much more into throwing them than hunting them!

Boozer Family '08 Brady's First Easter '07

Brady's 2nd Easter

Looking inside his Easter basket at our house, he got a little basket with all the Seasme Street characters and a set of Easter Little People, his bunny ears, a fun crazyblue ball, and a little monkey that is magentic that goes on the fridge.

Opening his Easter basket from Mimi and Popi, he got a Music Machine & Bullfrogs & Butterflies cd, which was a record that we grew up listen too

Opening his Basket from Nana & Grandpa, Nana was very creative and stuck puffs in his eggs, he got bubbles, books, a couple of outfits, ducks, and a bunny baseball player

Every year we take a crazy sister picture & then a serious one as well

My oldest sister Tanya & her kids

My middle sister Mandi & her family

Brady grabbing an egg to throw it

Look at me standing all by myself

1,2,3 Here I go

"I can beat these together and make noise!"

Kendra poses with the bunny ears

Mari and Phoebe pose too!

All the grandkids!