Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 11th
My second Mother's Day...
was just as good as the first!
Today I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off Brady, he is just getting so much fun to watch and my love for him continues to grow each day, I'm so thankful and blessed! I always knew I was meant to be a mommy but until you are one, you can't really understand the love and what it really means to be a mom! It's funny to think too, God knew Brady before he was conceived and knew that he would be a perfect son for me! He coldn't be a better mixture of Ryan and I! His genuine sweetness, giving away kisses, frustrations when he can't do something, his big eyes and huge smile, he gets from me and then his love for the outdoors (he could seriously live outside, he runs to the door and bangs on it until we take him out), loving anytime of ball in his sight, determination to get something, his widow peak, blonde hair and nose is all daddy and of course his smartness is from Ryan too! He now knows where is nose is when you ask him, he'll point to it, he also will rub the back of his head when you ask him where his hair is! He loves to wave bye bye, he tells us by pointing and guiding us to the freeze or cabinet when he wants a drink or something to eat, he even started a couple of nights ago, waving his arms to his bed, when we ask him if his ready to go night night!
He couldn't be anymore attached to his blanket, he carries it everywhere, we even have 2 backups b/c they get so dirty! His also attached to his paci, he used to hand it over when we asked for it now, he shakes his head no and runs away laughing now!
I could go on forever and the only thing that I keep thinking about is what the next one will be like...oh I can't wait!

My precious adorable son, drool and all!

Brady and Me, look at the killer smile

Us last year, look how tiny he was, and how long my hair was!

He has the sweetest giggle!

We had dinner with Ryan's mom and Grandma took the kids on a wagon ride

Those kisses I was talking about that he gives away freely!

Brady and his cousin Kendra at my parets house, where we had lunch!