Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 8-14
Brady's 2nd Church Camp
Brady and I left for church camp Sunday 8th, I was a sponser for the 12th girls and they always get to go down the night before the rest of the campers. Brady was on his best behavior, he really was a very good boy, we had a long exausting week, and were ready to get home and see Daddy, but overall we had a great time!
Monday night was camp group night, we were the inmates and we even had a shirt made for Brady

Brady learned to climb up on one of his favorite toys one night before going to bed!

Tuesday Night was Sports night so we brought out our Brady jerseys we had made for the Superbowl

He was a big fan of the ice chest and would help Mimi and Popi with the drinks, really he was just trying to eat ice!
He wanted to help me vaccum, so we put him on!
He would take little cat naps in the morning service while the band was blaring music, don't ask me how
Getting some shade and a snack during afternoon rec

He loves mommys sunglasses

Hawaiian Night

Chillin on the counter as we got ready to go home

I left for a few and found him inside the ice chest, Mimi thought it would be fun!