Saturday, July 05, 2008

**July 4th**
2nd Annual 4th of July Boozer Bash
We had everyone over again this year to celebrate the 4th, we had a great time once again, hanging out in the pool, eating yummy food, watching fireworks, and of course laughing at Brady entertaining us all! Brady had a blast in the pool with his daddy, today for the first time he started using his scoopers aka his hands to swim!

Check out how much our lil' man has changed in a year!

Brady, his cousin Braeleigh and Ryan's parents Nanny & Booga

Ryan's Sister Stephaine, her husband Billy, and of course Miss Braeleigh

Brady with my parents Popi & Mimi

Our friends Clint & Rebekkah came this year with their youngest daughter Gabri

Trae hanging out

Trae, his girlfriend Brittney, Clint, Gabri, & Rebekkah

Gabri went swimming too!

April (who's due in just a couple of weeks), Trae, & Brittney catchin some shade

Brady playing some football with daddy and Shane

Check out his scoopers in these pictures

I was trying to get him to smile for me, so I started singing If You're Happy and You know if and he went nuts, he has become a lil dancer

Hanging out with Shane and Daddy

Throwing the basketball now

Swimming with April

Olivia, Hillary, & lil Aaron

Hillary & Aaron

Hillary bought Brady and matching 4th onesie, and of course we couldn't get the boys to smile together

Aaron's 1st 4th

I guess I was having more fun then Aaron