Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July 8th:Bath Time Fun with Mari

We went over to my parents house to let Brady play with his cousins while I got some wedding pictures edited and Mandi had asked that we give Mari a bath. Of course she wasn't too excited about it, so we told her Brady could take one with her, that had a lot of fun! The entire floor was soaked b/c Brady had figured out how to fill his cup up with water and dumped it over his head, which obviously didn't just get on his head!


Makenzie said...

suprise its me!

i made one!

how do we become friends??

Boozer Bunch said...

Yippie! That was fast, I'm actaully revamping mine as we speak! You can as me as a link, you have to go to customize and click on add a list or something like that and then add my html! I've already added yours to mine!