Wednesday, August 06, 2008

July 18,19,20
Justin & Alathea's Wedding
One of Ryan's best friends Justin got married this weekend in Wimberly, TX, which is about 30 minutes outside of San Marcos. This was only our second road trip with Brady, our first was last summer going to El Paso. Brady did very good considering, we had lots of snacks, toys, and of course a dvd player. We stayed in a wonderful little house that had a pool, a gorgeous porch, wireless, and statelite tv!

I'm calling this my money shot, b/c I think it could bring me lots of money, It's just perfect! We were playing peekaboo on the stairs!

The front of our house

The deer came up in the morning and Brady threw them bread

Brady looking for the deer

We had breakfast on the porch the first morning, this is him doing the touchdown, sometimes, it's the only way I can get him to smile and look at the camera!

Touchdown on the stairs

Rehearsal Dinner

Brady was able to entertain himself with a soccer ball, luckily b/c we were out late! My boys were precious in their matching outfits!


The wedding was held @ Old Glory Ranch which was absolutely beautiful, I told Ryan I wanted to renew our vows here!

The Happy Couple

Shane being a goof ball

Justin and Ryan

Mimi and Brady

Brady hangin with Nana and Booga

Trae, Sam, Shane & Ryan

My precious boys

Ryan danced with me, too bad I couldn't get him to look @ the camera

The Irving Crew


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Love the money shot! :) Very good, Hil! I have lots of "money shots" from the last 2 years with Jake and Jak, but too bad I have no skills at PhotoShop to even dress it up! :) Anyhow, I also love the ones of Brady and Ryan in their matching outfits! They are some handsome fella's! Love you!