Thursday, September 04, 2008

August 12th
Pump It Up
Brady and I met up with Avery and her mommy Tarenthia at Pump it Up's free play! This was Brady first time to go, the kids had a lot of fun together and Tarenthia and I sweated! The pictures are a little misleading, it looks like Brady was a happy boy the entire time, but actually he was a bit fussy and I couldn't figure out why, I knew he was tried and was ready for a nap, but normally if were busy playing he's great! Well, when we got home, I realized he had a fever of 102, so I ended up taking him to the doctor the next next and it was a virus, 3 days back at daycare and he's already sick! Poor little guy was trying to tell me too! Anyway despite that, the we all had a great time!
Brady and Avery

Brady crawling through a tunnel

Brady looking like a little gentlemen but they were actually fighting over this car!

crawling around
Tarenthia and Avery
Brady and me
Precious Avery

Check out the polka dot ball in the left corner, Brady had more fun throwing that around

Passed out on the way home