Friday, October 17, 2008

Sept. 20th
Balloon Festival
Nanny and Booga took Brady and cousin Braeleigh to the balloon festival in Grapevine today, while Ryan and I went to his 10 yr reunion. Nanny and Booga said the grandkids were on their best behavior and that several people committed how great the kids were! Evidently the ride their was almost 2 hrs due to traffic and the kids helped keep Booga stay calm by being silly and trying to make him laugh!

On the way to the festival

Braeleigh being silly, trying to put Brady's shoes on

Some balloons being launched as they waited in traffic

Braeleigh, Booga, and Brady

Aren't they pretty

Nanny and her kids

Brady hanging out with Nanny

The kiddos hanging out eating some snacks