Monday, October 20, 2008

Sept. 27-28
Busy Weekend...
Basketball Shoot-a-thon, Braeleigh's B-day, and a trip to the lake house
Ryan, Brady, and I had a very busy weekend. Brady and I started our Sat. off my going to the Basketball Shoot-a-thon, and then to Braeleigh's b-day party, and then a 1 1/2 trip to our neighbors lakehouse.
We didn't get to the lakehouse until almost 8 o'clock, but of course Brady was ready to play! One of ours friends little girl, Morgan just loves Brady and they played, pool and slots, until I forced Brady to go to bed @ 10:00.
Sunday morning we woke up and headed outside to play in the sand with another friend's little boys and then off to the lake for a quick swim!

Playing the Slots

Playin poker with daddy

Sunday Morning 28th

He's saying where'd it go, he was hiding the shovel from him

Braeleigh's 2!

Braeleigh turned 2 on the 14th and celebrated today with friends and family today at their new house. Brady wanted to help open everyone of the presents! Braeleigh just loves her Brady Boozer, they play so well together!

The Birthday Girl

Helping Braeleigh open presents

Look @ those precious curls

Her bicycle she got from Steph and Billy

Brady of course loved the bicycle too

He thought that bucket seat was built for him

Make a Wish

Free Throw Shoot-a-thon
The basketball girls had a fundraiser this morning, they collected flat donations and/or were sponsered per shot, the goal was for each girl to shoot 500 free throws. Brady and Avery got to come and play too of course, they had a blast, Brady was running around like crazy! Avery kept wanting to give Brady hugs, she hugged him around the neck so tight once that they tumbled to the ground, they were just laying there crying but Avery never let go of Brady's neck!

I brought Brady's basketball goal up for the kiddos to play with

Of course they took a liken to the real basketball too

I thought this was precious, Brady decided he wanted to sit down and draw, doesn't he look so big? And he's using his left hand!

The cell phones were a big hit too