Monday, November 03, 2008

Oct. 31st
Happy Halloween
This Halloween almost didn't happen this year! Come to find out Brady has 2 more teeth coming in (which makes 16 in all), which would explain him being a bit fussy and acting a fool! He threw just a fit after we put his costume on that I got so frustrated I took it off and said we were going! Luckily Mari was there and we were able to bribe him, by the time we go him in the car and @ the church for the Trunk Fest he was perfectly fine!
Tanya's kiddos met us up @ the church so all the grandkids were all together again this year! We had lots of fun and afterwards all went to Chili's together!

After the fit throwing session was over!

All the grand kids

Our little Monster

Jennifer and her kiddos were @ the Festival this year, Jack was Peter Pan and Ryan was Tinkle Bell. We were trying to get the boys to smile!

Jack was giving hugs!

Jack as Peter Pan

Jack and Ryan

Phoebe was a spider

Brady and his Trick or Treat Bag

I created a Monster

Brady, Daddy, and Makenzie and Jordan, some of his sitters

Mari was a ballerina

Brady and Mari


Kendra was a sailor

Brady by the end of the night was pooped

Mandi and her girls, Chris was in New York for a concert!


Allison Connor said...

So cute! We missed seeing you guys at Kellye's party...maybe next time we can get together!