Friday, December 12, 2008

Dec. 11th
Santa Comes to School
Santa and his sleigh and 1 reindeer came to Brady's school today! I was able to go up there and snap a few pictures! Unforuntately, Brady was terrified of Santa, he emotions changed quickly as you can see in the pictures the closer he got to Santa. We had to gave Nanny hold Brady on the back of the sleigh, just to get his picture.
Waiting @ the door for his turn with Santa
Clapping and wearing his reindeer ears they made that morning!

Still excited with his little girlfriend Audra

The reindeer

Braeleigh, Mari, Brady (Nanny hiding in the background), and Santa

His hands are out in this one reaching towards me, he was crying out saying Mommy!



jamie said...

hey! can you send me courtney's new address? I don't have it and i can't tell if they've officially moved or email is libbydj at gmail dot com THANK YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Robert, no s said...

what kid is scared of santa?? lol