Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nov. 28-29th
Trip to Abilene
ACU, mine and Ryan's Alumni has gone undefeated so far this year and is in the 3rd round of playoffs, last week, they scored 92 pts against their opponent, who scores 92 pts in a football game? We decided to go support them by heading down to Abilene, but went up a day early to visit with one of my best friends from college Kim and see her boys Jake and Jack. I actually have never seen her youngest Jack, who just turn a year, sad, I know! Anyway the boys had a blast playing with one anther! Kim was nice enough to let us stay the night with them as well!

Jack, Jake, and Brady

Brady and Jake hugging

The boys were hiding behind this toy and then jumping up and saying cheese!

I thought this was hilarious, Jake found a good one I guess!

They had a music toy that Brady loved!

Jack is a big butterball, as big as the other skinny little boys

This is the only picture I took @ the game, It was very cold, plus Brady fell asleep in my lap bundled in a blanket for about an 1 1/2 and Ryan didn't feel well! ACU ended up losing but we had a good time!


Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

So glad yall were able to come out! I still feel bad that Ryan was sick a good majority of the time! Anyhow, we loved having yall, and hope to see yall again -- sooner than a year from now! I need to come out there and we can go SHOPPING! ;) Love you!