Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feb. 4th
& Brady has the flu
Kara and Tim welcomed their first baby girl last night @ 9:11, Landry arrived weighing 6lbs 12oz and 19inches long.
My plan was to visit Kara during my lunch period and then take Brady up there after practice but I got a surprising phone call from Wendy that Brady had a fever, thinking it was just an ear infection, b/c Brady had not shown any signs of not feeling well, I made an dr. appt. By the time we got to the dr. office, Brady had 103 temp and was plentiful, he was curled up in my arms, not moving or making a peep, I was a little worried. Then while sitting there, Brady started to cough and then thre up all of the both of us and the office floor. I got him cleaned up and the doc came in, his ears checked out, but his throat was real red she said, so she decided to do a flu test, and sure enough it wa the flu! I'm a bad mommy, b/c none of got our flu shot this year, I guess I learned me lesson!
Instead, when waited at home for Ryan to get home, and waited for the phone call that she was pushing, so about 8:00, Tim texted, and I rushed up there!
Since Brady got the flu, I decided not to hold the baby, which was extremely difficult not to do!
Preious Landry
"Why do they keep poking me?"
Proud Parents

Family in awe