Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb. 14th-16th
Valentine's Day/Arkansas Visit
Brady woke up Valentine's morning to a few Valentine's, one from Nanny & Booga & then from Mommy & Daddy. We got him an kissing Elmo & some Elmo house shoes.
As soon as we opened presents Ryan took Brady & I to the airport, we were on our way to Littlerock, AR. One of my best friends Carol's mom passed away a couple of weeks prior& I was unable to make it out there, & this weekend happened to be open & I was off on Monday, so we decided to go visit.
LeeAnnette AKA Mama Buck was an amazing women, she was like a second mom to me when I was away @ school in Arkansas. She had the sweetest spirit, their couldn't be a single soul that could dislike her, she touched so many lives and I know that I'm a better person having in her in my life, I will miss her terribly! I was forunate enough to have spent some time with her during my last visit this summer, so I'm very thankful, God allowed me to have some last sweet memories of her!
This is Brady 2nd airplane ride, both times now going to Arkansas & back to visit Carol. This trip was much easier than the first. Brady was able to walk & carry his own Elmo backpack, which by the way was adorable. He was terrific going & coming. Both times he was asleep before we were completely in the air.
When we got to Arkansas we got to play a couple of hours before we went to go pick up Carol's kids from her brother-in-laws, it was the longest quickest trip ever, but we had fun! When we got home that night we had a Valentine's Dinner for the kids, including her sister Jessica's 2 little boys, & Carol's precious father came over too!
Sunday we went to church, relaxed, the kids napped, then we dropped the kids off at the church & headed to Chili's for Carol & Adam's small group!
Monday we got up & went to visit the farm & Mama Buck's graveside with Daddy Buck then he took us too lunch, by that time it was time to head to the airport & head home to see Ryan!
The kids had so much fun together, & of course Carol & I can do nothing and fun just being together, I only wish she lived closer!
Arkansas jinks' us I think, last time we got back Brady got sick this time, I came back with the flu...

Brady opening his Valentine Elmo that blows kisses when you put his hand to his mouth

Brady trying to get Elmo to kiss, sitting next to him our some clothes that Nanny & Booga got him for Valentine's Day, along with a elmo in a car, & some yummy candy

Brady at the airport eating his starbucks muffin while we wait for the airplane

Brady lined up all his friends in the window

Brady playing in the window with his friends

On the airplan playing with the buckle


Asleep before we got completely in the air

The heart shaped pizza

Wylie & Brady in their matching Valentine shirts

Wylie, Brady, & Carol

Brady & Ella the first time they met...looked how much they've both grown!

Brady, Daniel, & Ella having their picnic Valentine dinner

Carol reading to the kids in their tent

Playing in the garage with Wylie

Watch the process...going for Wylie's paci

Take out Wylie's paci

Give Wylie's paci back

Ella in her Barbie Jeep

Ella & Brady riding their cars

Wylie & Ella