Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 17th
Today mom and I took Mari & Brady to Boomerangs, I really wanted Braeleigh to join us, but she went camping with her mommy and daddy! The kids had a blast, we first had some juice & pizza, and then played!
They were a little timid @ first and wouldn't even get in the toddler blow ups, but soon, they were fearless!
I was so proud of Brady, in fact, on one of them, I got so excited, that he went down this huge slide, I almost peed my pants, lol!
This is a fantastic place & its not 2 minutes from the house, the only thing is that parents can't get in the inflatables, but theirs employees walking around to help! So, their were times Brady would climb this huge things, literally all by himself, b/c I couldn't help!
He did have to get rescued, I think the big kids on the Pirate ship freaked him out, he climbed all the way up & then just started crying, a lady had to go up and get him!
But I was just tickled over how brave he was!
The Cars:
this was the biggest slide he went down, & the only one he went down on his bottom!

The Pirate Ship:
The one he freaks out on, he wouldn't do anything after this one

The Kangaroo
You had to actually squeeze under the brown thing with the arrows, it seemed impossible...they finally figured it out with help from a big kid, who held it up for them!
They were trying so hard

The next spot, Brady had trouble climbing this one, he got all the way to the top & then fell, Mimi had to pick him up over the side

But Mari made it

The Toddler Area

The Toddler Area with their matching Boomerang Shirts, which Brady calls his ABC shirt

Their Favorite