Thursday, April 09, 2009

March 19th
Daddy's Day off
Our last week day of Spring Break, Ryan decided to take the day off & spend the day with us! Our plan was to do to Amazing Toy Creations Safari Indoor Park, however when we got to the Galleria there was no store, they had moved! Luckily, they had a really fun indoor play area that Brady really enjoyed! After playing we ended up driving to Frisco Mall where the store was actually at! Brady, got to play, ride a train, paint a ceramic turtle, and could have rode animated animals, but was a little freaked out by them! Ryan NEVER takes, off so we were very thankful to spend the day with Daddy!

Brady playing @ the Galleria play area

Sliding down the rock

Dancing on top of the rocks

Making Elephant noises on the elephant

Sitting on the Lady Bug, that he insisted was an ant

Amazing Toy Creations Safari Indoor Park

Riding on the train

Painting his turtle

Ryan & Brady paint together

Yes, he's playing with a little girls vanity