Friday, May 22, 2009

May 18th
Like Father like Son
After Mari's game we rushed home so we could see Ryan! Brady has always loved Ryan but more so these days! He models his every move, and wants to be just like him! He can be as simple as eating the same thing, or sitting like daddy (as seen below), or wearing a belt like daddy, a hat, mowing, standing, you name it, he wants to be just like him! He even says, "I like daddy" anytime their doing the same thing! It brings a smile to my face every time and Ryan of course eats it up!

If we strive to be like our Heavenly Father like Brady and our little ones strive to be like their daddy, could you imagine what better people we would be and the smile it would put on His face! He really puts things in perspective b/c we are called to be imitators of Him! And it really makes you stop and think what you say and how you act b/c your little one is watching!

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