Friday, May 15, 2009

So, your probably asking why I have a picture of a laytex glove & a bunny, glad you asked! I have to stories, one that Brady will for sure kill me someday for sharing! Ok so the which came first, the bunny or the glove, I think the bunny!
Bunny-One Sunday morning while waiting to take a shower with his daddy, Brady had just skinned a rabbit and was standing naked next to Ryan. You could totally see the wheels in Brady's head turning...he looked at his privates and then looked at Ryan's and then looked and his and looked and Ryan's and then he points to his and says, "My bunny" and then points to Ryan's, almost touching it and says, "Daddy's bunny!" Ryan and I first looked each other like did he just say that, then we just died laughing. Since, then we've tried to call it other things but his convince its his bunny! Ryan and his mom even thought maybe he was saying buddy, I claimed that was worse and after listening to him, its for sure bunny!
Glove-Ok, so the ladies at daycare where these gloves to change diapers, and I one say when I picked up Brady he asked his teacher Ms. Amy for one and as we were leaving, Nanny said to me, "you know he gets one of this almost everyday," I just laughed and didn't think anything of it! Then not a couple of days later, Brady had a glove as we were leaving and brought it home with us...that same glove we had for 4 days!!!! He slept with it, in fact the first night he wanted his glove instead of is blanket! He woke up in the middle of the night screaming for it, it carries it around waded up in his little fist, and when he goes to eat or anything else he'll put it in his pocket! And it has turned into a daily ordeal, the ladies everyday at daycare give him a clean glove! It's funny and extremely wierd at the same time! Paw Paw is convinced he's going to be a doctor!

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