Friday, July 03, 2009

June 19th
Brady gets his Bubbler Badge
Brady got his Bubbler badge on Wed. 17th actually but today was the day parents & all could come & see the what all the kids learned! I am so impressed with what he learned we will continue to take swim lessons from S&A swimming until lessons are no longer needed, thanks Jenn for sharing!
Ryan, Nanny, & I came to see Brady show off, My folks were out of town! Brady was being so silly & was so excited to show off especially for his daddy! He was being such a ham! After these 2 wks Brady, is able to blow bubbles, do the jellyfish (just stinking their face under water), tree fall-falling into the water from a standing position, fall in/swim-entering in the water from the side & swimming, Bobbling 5 times, knee dive-with assistance from the side & he got an X for Dippers for doing it with by himself, Retriever treasure-going under for rings, Jumping in the deep end, & Piggy Back! We are so proud of our little guy!

The Chart...check out all his X's

Grace(our new friend from church), Brady, Layton, & Cooper

Brady splashing in the pool

Fixing blow bubbles

Excited about blowing bubbles

Going under the water

Fixing to dive for rings

There he goes

He did it!

Look @ my rings!

Still excited about the rings

Piggy Back

And under he goes

Going through a hoop

Tree Fall. Stand Tall like a tree, chop, chop, chop

He swims to the side

Side Jump

Waiting his turn

Knee Dive

Red Rover, Red Rover, let Brady come over
Jumping into the deep end & swimming to the step


They got sunglasses today for their prize

His swim class with his teachers

Grace, Cooper, & Brady

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