Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oct. 31st
Happy Halloween

Brady woke up so excited, he'd been waiting for ever he thought to dress up like Plex again! We just hung around the house and were lazy most of the day, we did go to OC burgers for lunch, yummy btw! Then it was time to start getting our Plex gear on! We were going to head to cousin Mitchell's church to see her sing and then to Cousin Mari and Phoebe's church but Mitchell ended up getting the swine flu, so we just went to PPBC's Trunk or Treat, but not before heading to Nanny and Booga's house! Brady like yesterday was not really interested, scared more like it! There were lots of people and some with scary masks, so pretty much the entire evening he was in mine or Ryan's arms and really going got candy that was forced into his bag, but we did take so fun pics!

Being silly in his Halloween shirt

Happy Halloween

Check out his crazy hair

Getting his candy from Nanny

Plex, Dorthy, and the Lion
The Boozer Fam

Dorthy & the Lion

Brady and his crazy cheese face

Audra and Brady

The Smyers Fam

Plex and Uncle Chris

Melissa, Austin the Penguin, Kara, Landry the Flower, Brady as Plex, and me

Precious Landry

Austin Chillin

Brady and Mari huggin @ Chilis

Brady and Mari outside of Chilis

My dad's crazy parking job